Embedded tweets in posts not showing on Chrome mobile

2020 Patriots Season:
Upcoming Opponent:
Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 38.2% at BUF: 61.8%
Nov 1st

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I switched from Chrome to Brave on my Android phone and am fine now. The irony is that Brave originally had this problem which steered me to Chrome.

I much prefer Brave anyway; Same look and feel as Chrome, but better ad blocking. I hadn't thought to check earlier if Brave fixed this Twitter bug.

Thanks for your time and effort, @Ian . Much appreciated.

This worked for me too!!! Thank you so much I quit reading alot of stuff on this board because I got frustrated feeling like I was missing half the conversation so this is awesome! Thanks Ian for looking into it too I greatly appreciate your guys help with this :)