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Pro Bowl Player
If the Pats draft a top young QB prospect - do we fans have the patience to watch the team start him for better or worse and try to let him develop into a finished product like Allen this year? Even if it takes a couple seasons? I’m not sure we do.


Independent Investigator & pliable af Supporter
I think rat birds win. Bills defense is overrated and Lamar is locked in.


I'm getting my res at Dorsia Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I've got the Bills 23-20. I could see it go either way though.


Pro Bowl Player
Hate, hate the ratbirds.

If Buffalo can't stop their run game, it's over. I don't understand why they aren't selling out to stop the run.


Pro Bowl Player
Should use Saban's RPO killer where safety rotates to frontside of play so LB can defend the pass part of the option.


Pro Bowl Player
Ratbirds occasionally going with split back sets on this drive. Anytime you can force Lamar to throw, that offense becomes average.