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Day 6 Patriots Training Camp

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Sep 12th

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Not too worried about drops from Harry or him not looking too quick. He has a lot to learn and is doing a lot of thinking out there. Lets wait until preseason games start. Also, it is really really hot and humid today. Miserable football day.
Absolutely. It’s a rookie practicing in July. Drops can be weird, though..guys can start getting in their heads too much, so the hope is that is it doesn’t continue so he doesn’t have to devote mental energy to holding on to the ball.


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I could see Johnathan Jones being traded (because of his relatively high salary) if he ends up low on the depth chart.

My hunch is that they hang onto Jones as long as they can. He's also a demon gunner, and played by far the most ST snaps of any player who also had significant offensive/defensive responsibilities last year. In fact, if you add defensive + ST snaps Jones was on the field for more plays than guys like Harmon and Flowers.

But the DB logjam is certainly real, and for the first time in a long time they may be cutting some decent talent at LB, too. If Collins is really on the Pat Chung prodigal son path, this defense has some wow potential. Can just one edge rusher please step up?


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Headline: Tom says “talk to Kraft” about contract, uh oh?

After being one of the last players out to the practice field. Put two and two together, and the dominos are about to fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

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