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Dan Wetzel: Roger Goodell owes Tom Brady an apology

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Nov 28th

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The truly stunning thing to me is that the NFL still has people in it who are so stupid they don't understand the Ideal Gas Law. What the hell were the Giants thinking?


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As a fan, Goodell owes me an apology, too, and yes--I'm totally serious.

Following the team is supposed to be a pleasant distraction from real life issues. It's meant to be relaxing while still exciting, but most of all, it's meant to be enjoyable.


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Unless Goodell is gone, I expect a very long strike when it's time for the new CBA to be signed..

It's not my idea but it makes sense:

The owners are going to be able to get a lot in exchange for sending Goodell packing as part of the next CBA.

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What? He was, never going to be their head coach. Reason: They did not like him.

Also, they were/are all-in for CameraLocationGate, DefameGate

On a related note, they also suck eggs.

IIRC, Ray Handley > Bill Belichick in the myopic eyes of the Mara's. :rolleyes:

They got a couple of Lombardi's outta BB's defensive prowess but I think we got the better long term ROI on that BB investment.


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I want to see the look on his weasel face when he must hand Tom the Lombardi Trophy. That will make my day.

How is that going to happen when the game is "FIXXXXXXXXXXXXEDDDDDDDDD"?


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Conspiracy theory -- does anyone think it's possible that people in the Belichick-friendly Giants organization pulled this as a solid to BB? Waited until December when temperatures got cold, then did their own "spot check" to finally put some numbers out there?

Given the NFL's comical reluctance to post any of their PSI numbers, this seems plausible to me more than the Giants just being whiners after their loss.
This is from an article from nydailynews.
“That was just something for people to talk about, because they don’t like the Patriots,” one Giant said of the punishments levied on the Pats. “Because, Tom Brady is doing the same thing with regular footballs now.”
I found it interesting that someone from the Giants will make this comment. It seems there are some elements in the Giants org who might be loyal to BB. If Patriots had measured the balls themselves, it will have been met with derision.
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