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Dallas Cowboys chosen for Hard Knocks

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Dec 6th

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Almost makes ya wonder...

If we WERE to be forced...

Bill wouldn’t use it off camera as an “ignore the hype/they’re out to get us” thing?

Somebody screws up, he’s like “look fellas we ain’t doin it for tha cameras!”

Feel like it could play into his whole motive...

captain stone

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People still watch “Hard Knocks”?

No kidding...Mike McCarthy should ask Dirk Koetter for his thoughts on it...But Jerruh is such a camera whore that he doesn't care about distractions that result in losing, as long as merch sales & advertising revenue increase from another appearance on it...

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
I think we get in as a WC.
Depends on two things:
  • Do we get to see the September Cam that had us wondering if the Pats should extend him, or do we get more of the December Cam that had us questioning their faith in him?
  • If we do get December Cam 2.0, how quickly does Belichick pull the plug?


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At least with the new schedule the Cowboys won't go 8-8! I'm guessing they will end up 8-9. So much attention paid to a team that has been medicore at best.
Agreed...they've been mediocre for almost 25 years but you'd think they were the dominant dynasty of the NFL during that time with how much coverage and as many nationally televised games they get.


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People still watch “Hard Knocks”?
I do and each year I wonder why I do. I used to look forward to it all summer but now it is more like a chore. The same repetitive stale content. Follow the first round rookie, follow a roster long shot, follow a quirky/soundbite guy, touch in on what a few of the star players are up to. It has become so watered down the more the NFL became a billion dollar juggernaut. They let the team cut anything even remotely entertaining so each episode is pretty much all filler.

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I have never watched Hard Knocks even once, but I would tune in every minute if the Patriots were featured.

I have no doubt that it would be BY FAR the highest rated season ever. Lots of intrigue even by Pats haters about "the Patriot Way"

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
The interesting thing is that Belichick was wired for sound for an entire season (2009)—that led to A Football Life.

I think Belichick's hangup re: Hard Knocks is the meetings with players, etc. I don't think he'd let them broadcast the cut calls, etc.