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Colts game - 11/21/10 - Carpool from Boston

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SoCal Bong

Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Coming into town for this game and wanted to check if anyone is interested in carpooling for this game. I'll be staying at the Omni Parker Hotel on School Street.

I generally tailgate with the Razor's Edge crew who meet up in Lot 51
RazorsEdgeTailgate : Razors Edge Tailgate

It will be my wife and I. If we catch a ride, we'll cover the $40 parking and chip in for gas.

If we can't find a ride, we'll rent a car and will have room for a couple of people to join us.


Me and a friend are also looking for a ride.

Might end up taking the train, but you dont get in until an hour before kickoff.

Our tickets came with a VIP parking pass for section 5 at the stadium. If you rent a car we could meet right at the Omni and would chip in on gas and you'd get free VIP parking.

PM me if you want to do this.

SoCal Bong

Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Sounds good. Sent you a PM yesterday. Email me if you are still interested.