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Celtics picked as #8 best team by The Athletic

2023 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Jets
Pick Results: NE: 85.1% at NYJ: 14.9%

Sep 24th


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They would've been higher if it weren't for the Coaching situation and questions at C. They are really 4th in the East which I think is too low. They should be ahead of Philly and MIA.

Other teams around the league:

Warriors have taken back their throne.
Milwaukee will be a force in the East.
Clippers have serious potential but their health is the main question mark. They also have the curse of being the Clippers.
Philly has the same DNA as the Clippers and their former Coach. They will find a way to lose in the playoffs.
Phoenix is done. They'll have a good record, but they are soft and not built for the playoffs.
Memphis talks a lot of sh*t. They asked for the spotlight, time to put up or shut up.
It's going to be a rough year for my Lakers. They have two superstars, but that somehow is not enough. And no matter who they bring in as a supporting cast, that too is not enough.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
8th is ridiculous. Virtually every credible analyst has them top 5,#2 in East.
Milwaukee should be #1 in the NBA.After Time Lord returns and is fully acclimated after 2-3 weeks Celtics are top 3-4 but fully capable of winning the title

IcyPatriot Supporter Supporter
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They write just enough edge to create chatter ... I think top 4 ... but who knows.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
They write just enough edge to create chatter ... I think top 4 ... but who knows.
Yeah it creates temporary chatter- but hurts them in the long run because if all you're doing is hawt takes to generate clicks- the time will come when they are ignored because they have lost all credibility.
Go back to the early 2000's- Curran and Reiss stood alone as the best Pats beat writers. Matter of fact Curran was slightly better imo. But all that changed years ago-Reiss stands alone as head and shoulders the most trusted Pats beat writer.
Curran occasionally still does something good but it's engulfed by his hawt takes rumormongering and gossip.
So I take almost everything he says with a grain of salt.

One-If-By-Sea Supporter Supporter
The prediction was stupid from the start. The Celtics have a young core that will improve every year for the next few years as always happens. The player improvement leads to better play which leads to a better record. The geniuses at the Athletic don't understand that.


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And yet people act as though they're knowledgeable.


He/Him Supporter
And yet people act as though they're knowledgeable.

The Athletic has the most knowledgeable and credible collection of writers in the media. Their NBA power rankings, and articles like this that are based on that line of thinking, are a joke and do the entire site a disservice.

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