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Bucs vs WAS/NYG and CLE vs PIT the two prime time wild card games

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Sep 12th

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brdmaverick Supporter Supporter
Interesting choice of prime time wild card games.

The two games that are selected for the wild card prime time games are...........

Bucs at Washington or NYG on SAT Night

Browns at Steelers on Sunday Night

It seems Tom Brady is still a HUGE draw as I can't help but think he is the sole reason for the Bucs - WAS/NYG getting a prime time slot (ESPECIALLY if it's Washington that gets through.)

As for Browns/STeelers I'm very much looking forward to that ,but I can't help but think the Browns will not show up and the game will be a laugher.

In my opinion the Ravens at Titans is the game of the weekend and should have received one of these two time slots.

brdmaverick Supporter Supporter
It's also too bad the Cardinals could pull out a W today.

From an entertainment value I would find an AR - NO matchup to be far more appealing than CHI - NO

brdmaverick Supporter Supporter
Tom Brady is 'must see tv' for me just because obviously I'm a huge fan after all he's done for us.

From an unbiased NFL fan perspective though I would rate the 'entertainment value' of each game in the following order.......

1.) Ravens at Titans
2.) Colts at Bills
3.) Browns at Steelers
4.) Rams at Seahawks (as long as Goff plays, drop this to the bottom if not)
5.) Bucs at Redskins
6.) Bears at Saints


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
You can check my posts. I'm Tom over Bill in a 60/40 way. That said, the Tampa OL better show up or the WFT is pulling the upset. Ariens is too proud/stupid to change things up. The way the Pats with Tom would have beaten them would have been the Seattle SB where you wear them out with the short passing game and take your shots (Gronk TD an example) when you have the matchup.

Tampa's OL is their biggest weakness and it's shown up on their losses. Chicago is the perfect game to point to where they should have smoked that team. Washington's biggest strength is the DL. If Ariens wants to throw bombs all day he's going to get Tom killed. Also Washington's run defense is really good so they aren't going to setup play action.

If Brady is getting knocked on his ass every play and the score is really low watch out.


Pro Bowl Player
Looks like a pretty good lineup other than browns-Steelers. Just have a feeling pitt will trounce them again, almost just beat them with alot of backups. Rams Seahawks of course depends on goff suiting up and how effective he’ll be. Rest should be entertaining.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
The Bucs got a huge break getting Washington. I know if you win your division you get in, but Washington has no business in the playoffs.

Since the Pats are out of it, I wouldn't mind seeing Tom win another ring. But I wish he had real competition Wild Card weekend.


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Weather won't be much of a factor in the 5 open stadium games, unless the spoiled Colts react badly to 24 degrees in Buffalo.