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Brady on D and C in 5 minutes (8:20) 9/8

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I love you Tom and respect the hell out of your high road approach. But man I would run up Main St in the nude just to hear you call the spades spades.


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Is at least saying very clearly that he's innocent of everything?

And that he thinks it's extremely likely Jast and McNally are innocent of everything as well?


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He did not give a direct answer to the following questions?
  • Do you feel you are set up by NFL?
  • Will you avoid [NFL Network]** & ESPIN***
Its a good start


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If Mort called you tomorrow for an interview would you do it? He just laughed.


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What a great person. That someone like Goodell would put him through all this is a travesty.

He recommended a book called "The Four Agreements". He says it's a short read. Sounds like it is well worth a read.
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