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Sep 27th

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This post has been coming for a while now. The only reason I didn't make it sooner is because I wanted some more time to pass, but even in such a short amount of time it has become clear that @BaconGrundleCandy is one of the finest posters to ever grace this board. The sheer amount of information he has delivered to us in a mere 3 years has eclipsed mainstream websites supposedly dedicated to doing the same.

Not only has the amount of information he's given been more, the quality is unquestionably some of the highest you'll ever see. This is due in large part to the time he commits to research, film watching and his own very special ability to see someone the way no one else can. Everything he says about football carries an air of authority, as you know you're talking to a person whose invested a large amount of time into understanding every part of the game. However, he has a way to make such information easily accessible to those of us (like me) who are still learning the intricacies of certain things.

Not only has he dedicated his precious time to provide us some of the best (if not the best) draft content available. He has never demanded or asked anything for it. No subscription, no Patreon, nothing. In fact very much the opposite, one time he offered to pay me for doing a very minor break down of his his data. That's just the kind of guy Bacon is.

When you you read a Bacon thread, it isn't only the amount of post that you notice. It's the links, the information and the depth of content. You can clearly see the non-stop grind he puts himself through to inform all of us. No amount of likes or thanks can ever repay what Bacon has given this board, not the mention what I have personally learned from him as a football fan, and I know I'm not alone there.

So while knowing it can in no way ever pay back all the time he's given and all the enjoyment I have received from reading everything he post. I would like to again personally thank @BaconGrundleCandy once more and add him to my Hall of Fame signature. The fastest ever to be added, and I think it is clear why.
Dude this is so nice & quite the honor! Really appreciate it Bob! Definitely have to step it up now, no nonsense.

Decided on individual threads for all positions. If their eligible Ill talk about them in the "WR", "QB" thread

Going to start w either WR or QB. Both groups could be really special. Lots of underclassmen so 2021 could be good as well but I see 2020 as a biggie.

Guys like Tua & Herbert are almost locks to come out. Love & Redder had great years in their own respect, they get there again & they'll be talked about as lottery picks. Seriously everyone needs to watch both rn.

WR's I'm gonna start w either Tyler Johnson (PTP all day) or Laviska Shenault. Please hold all WR1 takes until you watched both. JJ is absolutely worthy & likely but both these guys are special imo. Shenault is a beast. Honestly his physicality is something else. So excited!!!

Thanks again Bob! 2020!!!!


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Simmons is around 6'3/230 :eek:

This RB class is pretty sick tho. Been a while since RB/WR/QB could be this loaded. Tackle looks pretty good as well. 2-3 top 40-50 Centers. Edge actually should compete w this years class, another good one. Havent dived too much into IDL but it's obviously not as good near the top. Havent dived into CB/S too much.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2019 NFL DRAFT GRADES (Will upload w the rest later)
9.5 - 9.9 = ELITE/HOF
8.5 - 9.4 = IMPACT/STARTER
8.0 - 8.4 = FUTURE STARTER
6.0 - 6.4 = TAKE A SHOT
5.5 - 5.9 = TAKE A SHOT
5.0 - 5.4 TAKE A SHOT

Bosa 8.74
Allen 8.66
Burns 8.58
Sweat 8.48
Gary 8.44
Ferrell 8.33
Omenihu 8.16
Winovich 8.14
Banogu 8.10
Allen 8.03
Polite 8.02
Collier 7.40
Miller 7.40
Nelson 7.39
Crosby 7.31
Ferguson 7.28
J Davis 7.22
M Reed 7.22
J Hollins 6.95
Walker 6.90
Brailford 6.88
Gustin 6.79
Ximines 6.76
Jelks 6.75
Ray 6.74
Jackson 6.70
Bryant 6.64
S Miller 6.62
G Green 6.44
Granderson 6.40

Haskins 8.18
Murray 8.12
Lock 8.12
Grier 8.05
Jones 8.00
Rypien 8.00
Jackson 7.90
Finley 7.90
Stick 7.59
Thorson 7.42
Stidham 7.20
Minshew 7.10
Shurmur 6.90
Ta'amu 6.48

Williams 9.02
Oliver 8.99
Simmons 8.55
Tillery 8.48
Wilkins 8.38
Lawrence 8.30
Wren 8.17
Jones 8.16
Broughton 7.97
Hill 7.77
Gaines 7.75
Watts 7.70
Saunders 6.90
Wise 6.80
Christmas 6.73
Willis 6.70
Russell 6.68
Keke 6.64
Beckner 6.60
Slayton 6.50
Jefferson 6.40
Cowart 6.33

Butler 8.40
Deebo 8.37
AJ Brown 8.20
Hall 8.20
DK 8.15
H Brown8.08
Hardman 8.01
Boykin 7.60
Sills 7.45
T Brady 7.44
Slayton 7.40
D Johnson 7.35
Hart 7.10
A Johnson 7.07
D Mitchell 7.03
Hurd 6.90
Renfrow 6.88
Dortch 6.80
K Doss 6.76
C Thompson 6.75
O Johnson 6.40
P Williams 6.40
Custis 6.30

Dillard 8.53
Williams 8.53
Taylor 8.42

Little 8.20
Cajuste 7.70
Howard 7.12
Evans 7.00
Edwards 6.80
Udoh 6.20
Hyatt 6.10
Nijman 6.06
Roemer 6.02
Edoga 6.00

Hockenson 8.58
Fant 8.55
Knox 8.23
Smith 8.20

Oliver 8.18
Warring 8.18
Moreau 7.95
Sample 7.86
Raymond 7.30
Sternberger 7.16
Nauta 6.87
Smith 6.81
Sweeney 6.28
Wilson 6.27
Wesco 6.27
K Brown 6.25
Parham 6.20
Conrad 6.20
Mack 6.10

Lindstrom 8.55
Risner 8.50
Ford 8.10
McGary 7.55
Davis 6.94
Samia 6.60

Bars 6.60
Prescod 6.50
McGovern 6.50
Froholdt 6.48
Stallings 6.45
Bates 6.40
Jordan 6.30
Herbig 6.26
Allegretti 6.25

CGJ 8.20
Adderley 8.16
Hooker 8.13
Abram 8.12
Thornhill 8.08
Savage 8.05
Rapp 8.03
Thompson 8.02
Edwards 7.70
Harris 7.59

Willis 6.55
Amadi 6.53
Blair 6.33
J Johnson 6.30
Gant 6.20
Redwine 6.03
Tell 5.80

Jacobs 7.98
Sanders 7.98
Anderson 7.95
Harris 7.94
Henderson 7.88
Hill 7.88
Montgomery 7.84
D Thompson 7.59
T Williams 7.55

Barnes 7.44
J Williams 6.99
Armstead 6.48
Gaskin 6.45
Holyfield 6.40
Snell 6.40
Weber 6.37

Scarlett 6.34
Mattison 6.30
Scott 6.23

Bradbury 8.54
McCoy 7.99
Jenkins 7.40
Deiter 6.88
Galliard 6.39

Murphy 8.33
Williams 8.30
Oruwariye 8.20
Baker 8.10
Love 8.02
Ya-Sin 8.00
Dean 7.97
Bunting 7.93

Layne 7.90
Mullen 7.89
L Johnson 7.87
J Williams 7.85
Fields 7.66
Long 7.60
Baity 7.56
I Johnson 7.50
M Jackson 7.33
J Miller 7.21
Crawford 7.10
Boyd 7.08
Sheffield 7.08
Moreland 6.99

Bush 8.48
Wilson 8.20
White 8.20
Cashman 8.08
Pratt 7.96
Summers 7.90
T Watson 7.77
Orereke 6.99
S Smith 6.86
BBK 6.60
Tranquill 6.50
Alaka 6.48
Long Jr 6.46
Barton 6.45
Hanks 6.40

Tavai 6.33
Giles-Harris 6.22
Edwards 6.30
Hanson 6.09

*Edit* Missed/Added Watson & Smith & a few others. Last few days have been long.
Curious why you rated Gary over Winovich. His uber athleticism didn’t translate into day 1 or really even day 2 level production in college, what makes him a borderline impact starter vs superior competition? He screams bust to me.


PatsFans.com Supporter
PatsFans.com Supporter
Curious why you rated Gary over Winovich. His uber athleticism didn’t translate into day 1 or really even day 2 level production in college, what makes him a borderline impact starter vs superior competition? He screams bust to me.
My bad I haven't been on here & didn't see this until now.

Yea that's not uncommon when talking about Gary. I can see why some would think that tbh. A bit of a high risk/reward player.

My biggest concern w Gary is the inconsistencies from play to play. Honestly not impressed w the development for as much praise as the coaches get there. Sure it could be on him but I didn't see a player that ran hot/cold, was clueless or anything glaring like that.
I saw a guy that played his butt off w almost no plan when rushing the passer & someone who was consistently put in situations that forced him to eat up doubles sometimes triple teams. Its all over the film, coaches & players jave talkes about it.
That said he proved he can eat up doubles almost all day long. Hes a + run defender. Very good all around. Lateral quicks, anchor, chase, strong hands. He still has room to improve there but could be a fine defender in that area.

Pass Rush needs work but this is where I come back to coaching. What can you do vs what you're asked to do. They did him 0 favors here. Again it could be all on him but look at what he was tasked to do. I remember quite a few plays that he took on multiple defenders so Winovich got 1 on 1 or Bush had a clear, unimpeded path to the QB.

I see a guy w a ton of upside if untapped but also performed well w what he was doing at Michigan.