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An ESPN writer proposes a Patriots trade for Deshaun Watson

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Would you make this trade?

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Based on the couple of weeks of QB turmoil in Houston I would expect his asking price has taken a nosedive. Watson's basic complaint that nothing changes when Caserio was hired would probably feel more comfortable in Miami. Dolphins can offer 3rd overall pick and Tua.......


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I'm not a big fan of trades that are lopsided in number of resources just because the one singular resource is really good. It just creates holes elsewhere that suddenly need to be filled. This is the kind of thing you might consider when you have the rest of your team stacked with talent and just need the QB to bring it all together. A team like Tampa Bay (going into last off season) could feasibly consider a trade like that, because they had talent to surround Watson with already. Take the draft hit for a couple years because you don't need it right now to restock your team. The Pats just aren't in that position. We shouldn't be looking for the quickest path back to viability. We need to find a new QB AND compile talent in some other key areas. This just robs Peter to pay Paul.


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We are not a qb away from contention. We are qb, wr1, De1, TE1,NT1 , LB1 away from contention.

We need all our cap space this year to sign free agents and draft capital to sign other players. In addition we would need a cornerback and offensive lineman to replace thuney.


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Definition of a bad trade: I cannot think of a reason why either team would do this.


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That is incredibly stupid. Deshaun Watson is good, he's very good. But he's not elite. And he definitely isn't worth that kind of trade. That's just nonsensical.


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Watson would be great. But not worth giving up your 2 best young pieces at critical positions - RB1 & CB1 (assuming Gilmore is gone), and half of this important draft.
I'd give 2021 - 1, 2, 5 & Stidham & JMD :)

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Here's what he proposes. It's a lot.
  • 2021 1, 2, 4, and 5
  • 2022 1 and 3
  • RB Damien Harris
  • Sign-and-trade CB JC Jackson
  • QB Jarrett Stidham, "if they want him"
Would you do it?

I'd do that trade. Deshaun Watson is a 25 year old top Five QB. He's expensive but worth it.

Don't expect to win too much in years one and two but by years three and four we're back on top of the division.

Do it.

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Watson has a no trade clause in his contract which could make things interesting. They cannot just trade him to a team he doesn't want to join. So he could force a trade to a team who are not the top bidders.


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Watson has a no trade clause in his contract which could make things interesting. They cannot just trade him to a team he doesn't want to join. So he could force a trade to a team who are not the top bidders.

Good point. Watson could force his way to a team and that team could slightly underbid if Watson only gave the green light to one team.


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Everyone says it's an insane ask but I would legitimately give our entire draft to the Texans for Watson. Did everyone witness what happens when you don't have elite talent on offense?

Bring him in by any means necessary.

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Nope. Had me until the Harris and Jackson part. Not a big fan of trading draft picks for a player, (qb) in this case. I do think the price went down as far as draft capital which still seems steep but fair to me. To be honest, I’d wait a while longer, I think the situation is only going to get worse. He’s po’d as all hell right now and if they dont land Bienemy it’s going to fall apart quick. Let’s see how much the Texans can take from this guy and watch the asking price fall a bit more.