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Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest - Week 13: @NE at @BUF

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Post your predictions here for Week 13, New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills:

This week is a little different. Due to the Monday night game being the tie-breaker, it requires a score prediction so as a result, for just this week, I'm going to have us run it through here:

CLICK HERE: Weekly NFL Picks Contest

So be sure and post your prediction there and those results will be used for the tally for this week, which will have the results posted here as normal. We'll return to the normal format starting next week and I'm going to try and catch us up from previous weeks in the next couple of days. Working 9am-9pm right now for the remainder of this week (and did so last week), so it's just been a little challenging.

Again, post your prediction on that link for this week. If you want to post something here, you can, but don't forget to hit the picks link and do it there - even if you don't want to fill out the entire bracket.


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Hmmm... I keep going back and forth on this one. I think the loss of white will hurt the bills more than most of that fanbase is willing to admit right now. I'm a little nervous that Mac may get rattled at some point but he has shown the ability to stay calm and poised for the most part so...

Pats 31

Bills 21


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Patriots 20

Bills 27

Changed pick based on weather and no Dugger, Pats return the favor at Gillette.
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Again, I'll be posting reminders throughout, but don't forget to post your predictions here first before replying to this thread:

CLICK HERE: Weekly NFL Picks Contest

Super easy, and this is the ONLY WEEK we'll be doing it this way. We'll return to normal for the next one.

But you're welcome to add your predictions to this thread after as well, just be sure and at least submit them first at the above link. ;)
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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Buff 24
Pats 16