Air Quality Index in Seattle (update: NFL says it's "monitoring the situation")

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Sep 27th

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I’m in Vancouver, BC, 2 hours north of Seattle. No way a game could be played as of today. The Washington fires have blanketed our city in a haze. We haven’t seen the sun in 4 days. Our AQI was 258 the other day. Here’s what a bright sunny day in Vancouver looks like recently.

The AQI where I live (closer to the practice facility than Seattle) is 118 today which isn't great but a lot better than it has been (I see patches of blue sky). It is going to rain for the next two days which should completely clean everything up. Also, the VMAC has an indoor practice facility so they can have a full practice if air quality is a concern.


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When the AQI is in this range:..air quality conditions symbolized by this color:
Air Quality Index
(AQI) Values
Levels of Health ConcernColors
0 to 50GoodGreen
51 to 100ModerateYellow
101 to 150Unhealthy for Sensitive GroupsOrange
151 to 200UnhealthyRed
201 to 300Very UnhealthyPurple
301 to 500HazardousMaroon

Here's the ranges if you aren't familiar with the AQI (I wasn't)


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I live in Vancouver, B.C and its been terrible here also. We are getting it from the Oregon fires as well as fires we have had in B.C. There has been this terrible haze over the city for days now.

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We had some bad air here in San Diego over the last 2's much better now, but for a while the freaking sun was all red and you could look directly at it with your naked eye. Had to walk the pup at 6AM with all the morning dew making it a bit better....still keeping my windows closed and using the AC (versus my window fans).

I think it will be fine by was far worse in Oregon and Norcal last week...and the Niners played at Levi anyway...


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"Fortunately for the Patriots and Seahawks, they could come to a similar compromise. Both teams have a bye in Week 6 and could reschedule their game to that date if air conditions fail to improve. "

I'm not sure I'd use the word "fortunately" for the idea of having our bye week in Week 2 :maybenot:


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With hundreds of scenarios and considerations going into the season with Covid, would have thought that one of those might involve a contingency plan around relocating a game on somewhat short notice if it could be done safely. Maybe that’s expecting a lot though when looking at some of the figureheads involved with this league..