Aaron Rodgers GOAT Talk Again

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They need a new acronym for these guys, GORN - Greatest of Right Now.

& their flair for imaginative adventure stories glorifying Rodgers reminds me of Alexander Dumas.



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The issue is differentiating between a QB and a Passer.

Overall, Rogers and Peyton were better passers than Brady. Fine. That's great. You have to admit that both (add Brees and Wilson as well) have a lot of amazing throws - all four can come up with a wow moment every week.

Brady, however, did far more with less, elevated everyone around him, ignored stats for results - all those other things that make a passer a great QB.
I'd substitute "thrower" for "passer," but that's just nitpicking. And I'm not sure that Manning was that, either.


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Brady makes all the throws and has been one of the most accurate passers in NFL history. He may not have the arm glam of Mahomes but that is not really necessary to win games either. Nice to have but also unorthodox which never gets talked about enough. One of the reasons Brady's arm is still strong is because he is a technically sound thrower and always sets his feet. I wonder how long Mahomes will last throwing the way he does, side arm with his feet in the air. We have already seen the decline in Rodgers the last few years from being unorthodox.


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Once again the stupid talk is heating up because Aaron Rodgers is off to a 4-0 start and Brady is 43 and well over the hill. Funny, but I didn't hear how great Brady was when, with 3 rings already on his fingers, he started out 2007 at 18-0. He had to take it to the incredible level of 9 AFC titles and 6 SB rings just to pass Joe Montana, the former GOAT.

That brings up my questions.
1 - When did looking good become the standard of greatness over winning? since social media/24-7 news cycle/instant gratification era
2 - When did clutch performances at key times take second fiddle to stats? since social media/24-7 news cycle/instant gratification era
3 - How can people ignore the amount of comebacks that a QB has? since social media/24-7 news cycle/instant gratification era
4 - Will the stupidity ever end? yea when we all destroy ourselves
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It's just the media. They have done that with Rodgers forever. Felger and Mazz were saying yesterday that there is not one QB right now within a breath of Brady. They said once a QB gets to 3 SB wins then there can be a discussion. I say 4 rings but whatever. Point taken.
Citing Felger and Mazz to validate any position earns you an F.
Quoting Benny from Braintree or Joey from the Cape would get you more cred.
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I'll never understand why it bothers people so much that some may think another QB other than brady is the greatest of all time. It's their opinion. Let them have it. Don't let it bother you. Brady's success and resume speaks for itself. I don't feel the need to defend it.


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TB was never the most physically gifted, but his mental toughness, leadership, and determination separated him from everyone else. This GOAT debate has long been over since SB 49. SB 51 put him among the greatest football players ever not just QB and SB 53 has put him in a class of MT Rushmore of all sports. Which in my opinion is Ruth, Jordan, Gretzky, and Brady. Rodgers needs to win minimum 3 more Superbowls until he can even be in he same conversation as TB.


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I think Rodgers is the more TALENTED QB than Brady, but Brady is the most accomplished QB in NFL history bar none. It really depends on what you mean by "GOAT" - greatest, as in most talented or most accomplished?