Aaron Rodgers GOAT Talk Again

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Once again the stupid talk is heating up because Aaron Rodgers is off to a 4-0 start and Brady is 43 and well over the hill. Funny, but I didn't hear how great Brady was when, with 3 rings already on his fingers, he started out 2007 at 18-0. He had to take it to the incredible level of 9 AFC titles and 6 SB rings just to pass Joe Montana, the former GOAT.

That brings up my questions.
1 - When did looking good become the standard of greatness over winning?
2 - When did clutch performances at key times take second fiddle to stats?
3 - How can people ignore the amount of comebacks that a QB has?
4 - Will the stupidity ever end?


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yeah i dont get it. hes a great QB but he only has 1 super bowl. how is he more of a goat than even say drew brees? or mahomes has the same amount even.

heck, even Peyton manning has 2


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It's just the media. They have done that with Rodgers forever. Felger and Mazz were saying yesterday that there is not one QB right now within a breath of Brady. They said once a QB gets to 3 SB wins then there can be a discussion. I say 4 rings but whatever. Point taken.


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Just media ********. Fivehead, Breezus, Fraudgers, Mahomeboi, and on and on...the media got so used to talking about a living, breathing GOAT in his prime that they're just doing what they're used to; crowning a GOAT and watching the clicks come in.

Pay it no heed.


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GB fans must love his ONE SB in a season they were a few games over .500 !

Congrats on your championship a decade ago, Aaron !
He isn’t even the most physically talented of all time anymore. That’s Mahomes.
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  • One SB appearance
  • A 5 year decline in play from 2015-2019
  • As Froob says the unicorn aspect to his game is dwindling as more athletic QBs enter the league
He's in discussion for top 5-10 all time QBs. He's battling Wilson in the all time standings as we speak IMO.


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Not even the best Packers QB of all time, Starr was better IMHO and Favre has a case also. Rodgers has been great no doubt, a first ballot HOFer but lacking in leadership and his coming up short in the playoffs precludes the GOAT or BOAT status

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The "talented" argument is a tired one because it over values physical tools over cerebral ones. The main job of a QB is to score points and to ultimately ensure his team has at least one more than the opponent when the game is over. Brady's ability to assess the situation and take the available play down after down to drive his team to the crucial score at the end of games may seem less spectacular to some than scrambling in the back field for 10 seconds before making a cross body completion but one has proven to be repeatable at the most difficult moments while the other has not. QB statistics are so much better the past few years than ever before so it will continue to provide fuel for debates like these but until a top QB wins multiple Super Bowls there will not be much of an argument.


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You can only scratch your head with this kind of thing. It's certainly assisted by the 24 hour news cycle where content is vital. I think it also demonstrates just how much bias there is against the Pats in sports media. Brady put a serious ass whopping on a lot of these mouth pieces at BSPN and FOX over the years and they hate him for it. And these same guys hate Bill, for the same reason. If you give a lot of these sports media guys a sliver of a crack, like Brady' did with his 4th down confusion, they go off. I heard a couple of media morons saying that this had tarnished Brady's legacy and there is no way you can reach that conclusion without having a significant bias and or dislike of Tom.

It's laughable but this is the sports world we now live in. Aaron is a very good player with an fantastic skillset. His on field talent is something to behold, but it's diminished by his poor leadership. Being a great QB requires great leadership and Rogers does not have that. This part of his game is missing and I think that this will partially explain only one championship. Trent Dilfer has as many Super Bowl titles as Rogers does. Great? Hardly!


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Calling Rodgers "more physically gifted" is the only thing I won't immediately laugh at.

If he was "better" he'd win a lot more games.

If he was "greater" he'd win a lot more championships.

Yeah, Rodgers is really good at extending plays and throwing on the run, but Brady put this argument to bed a loooooong time ago. Now the only reasonable response is to openly mock people.


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The issue is differentiating between a QB and a Passer.

Overall, Rogers and Peyton were better passers than Brady. Fine. That's great. You have to admit that both (add Brees and Wilson as well) have a lot of amazing throws - all four can come up with a wow moment every week.

Brady, however, did far more with less, elevated everyone around him, ignored stats for results - all those other things that make a passer a great QB.