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I read today that Javeon Clowney is still unsigned with the season just only a week or so away. All the talk is that he'd rather sit out the season than play for $15MM or less.

So here's the thing. The Pats have 3 needs on defense. First and foremost is a force off the edge on the DL. Second would be to add a big run stopper, and third LB help, though I think that is less important since the depth and flexibility and quality of the secondary, means (to me at least) we will see just 2 LB's on the field most of the time.

So why not make a big push for Clowney and his people. For him, he'd be coming to a situation where he can compete for a title. But more importantly, he'd be coming to a situation where its been proven to be a great launching point for FA's. Guys who come here and play well get PAID! I'm not sure he could do better than that on a one year deal anywhere else. Though I'd love to sign him to about a $12MM deal, The more I think on it, the more I'd be willing to go to $15MM, or better yet $10 guaranteed and 6MM in makeable incentives if he plays to his capabilities.

What do you think?
if i was getting the Clowney that played at South Carolina, then hell ya. If im getting the overrated Clowney that has been in the NFL, then no. IMO he is lazy and not motivated.
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