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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread

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Oct 31st

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farn Supporter Supporter
Folk is a VG nfl kicker. Arguably, since 2019, he & Bailey are amongst the best players (at their position) on this team. Not “MVP”, since the positions aren’t the most crucial, but very very valuable players.


In the Starting Line-Up
The ir is a great place for Nordin to spend the rest of the year.
Disagree. If he was/is healthy, I’d like to run w him. He may miss a few in first half of season, but would be good experience.

would have been interesting to see if they let him try a 55-yarder in first drive.


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and trent brown is out v the jete

i am expecting him to miss at least two more weeks... calf injuries can be a *****


The FRG has a little **** Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
skill? You are being very generous.

Too many people are confusing “a strong leg” with being a “ good feild goal kicker”.
Come on man, dude's a social worker. He's got mad skills. No job too big or too small.



Pats, B's, Sox Supporter
Patriots signed Brian Hoyer to a 1 yr deal.
Patriots put Quinn Nordin on the IR,.


In the Starting Line-Up
Nick Folk talked quite a bit after the game about kicking and holding techniques. He knows his stuff. It might be a good idea to keep big legged Nordin on the practice squad for this season and maybe beyond while working as Folk’s apprentice. Develop and teach the guy young talented guy. An elite kicker is worth so much, probably more than they’re paid and their careers can last so very long,