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2016 Week 3 Patriots vs Texans Post-Game Thread

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2016 Week 3 Patriots vs Texans Post-Game Thread

Patriots win.

FU 345 Park Avenue

Let's hear your post-game thoughts here.

Two numbers stand out for me:

1:36 -- the amount of time left on the clock in the third quarter when Houston finally crossed the fifty-yard line on offense.

7 ----- the number of punts by Ryan Allen that resulted in Houston starting a drive inside of their own 20-yard line.

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JB managed the game well. The offensive line played fantastic, and that defense smothered the Texans vaunted receivers. Total annihilation.

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The NFL* cheats and puts it's finger on the scale to try and stop the Pats, and it still blows up in their faces.

**** you NFL*!

Why don't you "weigh the balls" and see if the Pats are in "big bleeping trouble"?

Check the restroom and see if McNally is in there.

Go look for some illegal cameras.


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I'm absolutely psyched about this win. That said, these Thursday games are just stupid. If I wasn't a Pats fan, I might feel sorry for Houston having to travel to New England with such little time to recover and prepare. Thursday night games are routinely ugly football.
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