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  1. raduray

    Official Post Game Thread- Broncos beat the Pats

    Ugly game. Both teams sucked. Denver tried to suck worse than us, but couldn't quite pull it off.
  2. raduray

    Gilmore's wife denied report of his dinner with Cam

    You're right, it was "Guns of August".
  3. raduray

    Gilmore's wife denied report of his dinner with Cam

    German intentions were quite clear when they declared war on and invaded France. A political assassination started a chain of events that no one wanted, but couldn't stop. You may want to read Guns of War by Barbara Touchman. Good summary in the introduction here: French entry into World War...
  4. raduray

    OT Jete release Le'Veon Bell

    Could be another Belichick salvage project. Sign him to an incentive laden, no risk contract.
  5. raduray

    Broncos game postponed - (Moved to Sun 10/18 1:00pm)

    They're not letting Americans in. We've not shown that we can be trusted to be safe.
  6. raduray

    Poll: Hoyer or Stidham vs Denver?

    Ray Lewis killed a guy
  7. raduray

    Poll: Hoyer or Stidham vs Denver?

    Assuming Cam's not ready, who starts at QB against Denver?
  8. raduray

    Stidham was/is not injured.

    My memory may be off, but wasn't he under pressure on that last interception? I seem to remember defender in his face and the throw on his back foot. Ill advised maybe, but not a reflection on his arm strength which seemed fine the rest of the time. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the...
  9. raduray

    Protocol for Cam's return - he could play against Denver if we get lucky

    Asymptomatic is good, but it doesn't mean he's not infected. Hoping for the best for both him and the Pats.
  10. raduray

    Official Post Game Thread- Chiefs beat the Pats

    Hoyer’s lack of situational awareness was unforgivable. How can we trust him again?
  11. raduray

    Cam Newton Tests Positive; Out for KC game

    Stidham time? Or do we even have a game? Shouldn't there be a quarantine for all who've had contact with Cam?
  12. raduray

    Official Post Game Day Thread- Pats beat the Raiders!!!!!

    That tipped pass when the ball went straight up and hung up in the air for what seemed forever, with with a whole bunch of Raiders converging. I died a thousand deaths, only to be revived when the ball finally hit the ground.
  13. raduray

    Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor punctured lung from painkiller injection

    It shouldn't. If that is a recognized risk they should use an interventional radiologist. There will be lawyers.