A List Ridiculous Quotes by Media Pundits on Patriots' Moves

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  1. maverick4

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    I would like to make an official list of quotes by people in media who are currently saying crazy things, or making stuff up, or painting a false picture of the character of the Patriots, as well as the newest members of the team. Please put quotes in this thread that you think may make the guy who said it look like a complete idiot 3 years from now, for all to see.

    The negative media going around now reminds me a lot of when Lawyor Milloy was cut and lots of people including Tom Jackson trashed the move and even made stuff up. Tom Jackson will forever live in infamy for saying, 'the Patriots hate their coach', and Ron Borges will always be laughed for trashing the Richard Seymour pick over David Terrell. Let's compile an official record of crazy quotes by media idiots who, god-willing, will never live their statements down.

    For example, Rick Reilly just said that Meriweather was a thug, returned gunfire in a club (which is a complete LIE), and was one of the 3 worst character guys in the draft. There is also some talk that makes Moss sound like the anti-Christ for leaving 2 seconds before a game (when Brett Favre has done it with 27 seconds left before at the Metrodome, with zero media controversy about it).
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  2. maverick4

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    by Shaugnessy:
    "But the public perception of the Patriots -- something very dear to Kraft -- is forever changed. His football men successfully bounced the Red Sox-Yankees off the landscape for a couple of days (which Kraft is obsessed with)"
  3. letekro

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    On Around the Horn, Jackie MacMullan was IRATE - screaming at the other "contestants" and deriding them for drinking the "Patriots' Kool-Aid." She said Meriweather and Moss are "thugs."
  4. PushnPencils

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    Amongst the non-local media that annoy me, I think the one that I absolutely abhore the most is Gary Myers of the NY Daily News.

    I can't tell you how many times this guy has been wrong. But, his writing is so smug and so righteous, truly the literary version of dragging nails across the blackboard.

    I'm also a little envious of his complete homerism. Why can't there at least be ONE rah-rah guy in the Boston print media.

    Here's some of his recent finer works:

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  5. cblesz

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    In the above article, "The Patriots sound desperate," one GM said.

    Are you kidding me? Was this unidentified GM Polian or Tannenbaum? They are all jealous. Simply because Moss said the pats were the ONLY team he would go to...basically a slap to all other teams.
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  6. KontradictioN

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    "He's not Randy anymore," one GM said yesterday. "I think he's lost a step. To me, he's also lost his love of the game. I don't see it anymore. Maybe it's the Raiders who pulled it out of him. It's not the same Randy unless they totally reinvigorate him."

    Everytime a reporter says that, it just makes me think that he made it up. Who is this illustrious "one GM". Will we ever know?
  7. cblesz

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    And I guess Tom brady is an IDIOT, huh? To actually give money BACK to obtain a receiver who has lost a step, lost his love for the game and is a cancer in the lockerroom. How come NOBODY is talking about this? So, Belichick, Kraft, Pioli, and now Brady are all idiots?

    Anyone else but the Pats make this deal and it is brilliant! And, I certainly DO NOT believe that the jets had no interest. I am sure Randy Moss had no interest in the Jets....wait, I forgot. THEY are on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl (according to the NY and National media)...
  8. patsfanofNC12

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    You took mine:agree:
  9. maverick4

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    Who was the one who quoted the anonymous GM? Please include names of the writers or media person, so we know who to laugh at a few years from now!!
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  10. cblesz

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    At the end of the article by Gary Myers...
  11. maverick4

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    Sideshow Dan, Wrong Borges, and Batty Jackie need to go. Boston deserves better quality writers who can capture our sports scene the way it deserves to be covered.

    Keep those quotes coming!
  12. SoonerPatriot

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    Hilarious stuff. I remember this geek when he was on Inside the NFL years ago.

    Here's the deal, until someone writes a column with the words "Andrew Walker" and "worst organization in all of professional sports" when talking about Randy Moss' problems in Oakland, then they might be able to be taken seriously. Predictably none have because hysteria is the low lying fruit to these morons.
  13. Tucker

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    Jackie MacMullan? Are you serious? You actually listen to what that lady ever has to say on that show?

    Now if Woody Paige had said that, I'd be irate:)rolleyes:), but Jackie MacMullan? Come on now
  14. PatsFanSince74

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    Gary Myers is a Homer who has been beside himself for years at the success of the Patriots and takes every opportunity to go in the tank for the boys in the Meadowlands. So, when I saw the Headline, I skimmed the first paragraph and tossed it. He does know the game and writes well, though.
  15. A.C Vegas

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    I personally have given up on seeing anything positive out of the new england media but it is somewhat our fault for accually caring by reading and listening to what they say
  16. Jacky Roberts

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    "The Patriots made a desperate move by trading for Randy Moss, clearly a move made directly to counter the New York Jets drafting Revis."

    - NY Newsday
  17. maverick4

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    i almost spit out my coffee from laughing after reading that sentence
  18. Patriotic Fervor

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    That seems to be a widespread perception, if not among league front offices, then at least team fandom.

    But trust me - by the time next January rolls around, many, many of these teams (and their fans) are going to find out through first-person experience just what the functional definition of "desperate" is.

    Much to their chagrin....
  19. Born_a_Patriot

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  20. PatFanInChina

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    Hearing all that negativity by the press doesn’t surprise me. Actually makes me happy. It’ll just piss off Brady, Moss and the rest of the company. The last thing we need is the press turning Pats friendly. That would be a disaster.

    "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." Confucius

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