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Your Favorite Patriots Memories since 1993

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Goddamn it....all of us could talk for days about our favorite nauseum.....

We have been goddamn fortunate to be a fan of the Patriots......goddamnit.....I am so ****ing happy I was never a fan of another team.....


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  • The snow bowl, division playoff game vs oakland... magical night
  • Walking into Gillette on opening night, 2002... the clip of slash saying "the better team didn't win" getting played over and over
  • Meeting Ray Borque on Bourbon St right before walking to the Superdome for XXXVI
  • XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX - the three Super Bowls I was lucky enough to attend
  • going to Chicago to see the Pats take on the Bears on Christmas eve, way way back in '94... fun trip
  • going to Giants Stadium in 2007 to watch the Patriots achieve 16-0
  • losing my car keys at the divisional playoff game vs Jacksonville in '97 ... young kid who sat next to us in section 12 crawled down amongst the spent beer cups and trash and found em... gave him all the remaining cash on my pockets lol...
  • having my wife tell me at halftime of LI "dont worry, my Tommy will win"
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Direct snap to Faulk!


Direct snap to Faulk!


Direct snap to White!

and who could forget inflicting this level of butthurt:



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Just listing Super Bowls feels too obvious, so I'll try to include other things and be more specific than just "all those titles lolz"

The Killing of Peyton, Parts I and II:
  • 2003 AFCCG, Pats @ Colts. Peyton completes as many passes to Ty Law as he does to Marvin Harrison (3), and Law had more interception return yards than Harrison had receiving yards. Pats win 24-14. Leading right into...
  • 2004 divisional round, Pats @ Colts. Colts have he best offense in league history to that point after they cried to the league to neuter passing defense. Pats win 20-3. Colts last possession ends with a Rodney Harrison pick, Brady takes 1 knee, game over. Pure comedy.
God Hates Tebowmania

Player       Tm  Cmp  Att  Yds   TD  Int   Sk  Yds  Lng  Rate  Fmb   FL
Tim Tebow   DEN    9   26  136    0    0    5   28   41  52.7    1    1
Tom Brady   NWE   26   34  363    6    1    0    0   61 137.6    0    0

The ultimate highlight might have been Brady's 48 yard punt on 3rd down. :rofl:

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December 2007, the Patriots sneak away with a win against the Ravens 27-24 and they all lose their goddamn minds on live TV after a series of hilarious blunders. I've always hated the Ravens so this was maybe more delightful than any of the blowouts that year.




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The entire super bowl 36 run which was just so improbable. Obviously all the super bowls as well but the first one is what I remember the most.
As for memorable moments:

The game against the saints where the Patriots were behind back in 2013. was at the game and just about the whole arena left but I stayed to watch it.

The butt fumble game. There was nothing really memorable about it generally speaking but for me it was a memorable moment because it was on Thanksgiving and I was watching the game with my extended family.

The Patriots versus the broncos in 2003. If I remember correctly they were down and then BB did that intentional safety and they ended up winning.

The last one that sticks out was when the Patriots were playing Miami in Miami where they seem to always lose. The game went into overtime and Brady threw a bomb to Troy Brown to end the game.

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I have so many. I am going to limit to games I attended

A November Colts game when Flutie came in and led them to victory. It was a bluebird prefect day in the 60s.

Bledsoe's coming out, 70 attempts in 1994 vs Vikings.

Getting Kraft to sign our "She Can Play" sign.

The AFCCG vs Jags to get to SB31.

The first game after 9/11, Brady coming off the bench, me turning to my dad and saying, well, let's see how this guy does. I guess he turned out ok.

Snow Bowl.

SB 36.

The opening of Gillette, the banner, singing We Are The Champions without the music playing after a TV timeout.

Ty Law's 3 pick game vs Colts in AFCCG.

Titans playoff game below zero.

Another Banner x 3.

Going nuts when Ozzy emerged from inside the helmet by the tunnel.

Asking Bills fans if they wanted us to turn out the lights when they all left at halftime in 2007 in Buffalo.


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1996 AFC Title game, the first ever in Foxborough. I will never forget it, outside of my first game of course in the 1980s.


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Non Superbowl moment probably the 2014 Divisional Game vs Ravens when Edelman hit Amendola

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Prior to 04 divisional playoff

colts heavy favorites against defending super bowl champion 14-2 Patriots playing at home with signs that read “you can’t win here”..

49 Td peyton PANICKED…played awful got smoked only put up 3 points.

that last interception he had that look of disbelief on his face. Announcers were “they got ya again peyton”.