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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Sign two receivers in FA, I’d like Corey Davis. Big & fast. Also another fast WR in FA. A TE in FA, I’d love Henry or Smith. Gonna have to spend some of that FA money on the Dline. Sounds like Guy, Wise & Butler may all leave in FA.

In the draft. They HAVE to get their franchise QB in the 1st round. I don’t care what they have to do, get it done. Then rounds 2-5, I want explosive OFFENSIVE weapons. WR’s, TE’s, RB’s. One guy I’d love to see the Pats get in the 2nd or 3rd round is RB Chuba Hubbard, the guy has blazing speed, just an explosive weapon. I’d love to somehow get Penn State TE Pat Freiermuth in the 2nd round though. I’d be thrilled with either one.

I don’t ever wanna hear Cam sucked because he didn’t have weapons. Get him weapons. I wanna see if he can get it done.

patfanken Supporter Supporter
Of the top of my head:

1. Resign Guy, Wise, and Butler on D Andrews and Burkhead on O

2. In FA; Add Rudolph at TE ( a LOT cheaper than Henry and almost as effective and a REAL inline TE who can block)
Add Curtis Samuels at WR (my one big money signing (upto $15MM/yr) very versatile guy.
Add Golden Tate - stead unspectacular but effective vet WR with a modest price tag (see also Emanuel Sanders)
Add Harrison at NT/DT or his ilk - there are a bunch of guys out there now that would fit the bill and more to come.
Add KVN at LB - instant upgrade who plays all 4 LB spots He's been paid and comes back for a reasonable price
Add another vet QB. JG would be nice, but a guy like Minchew would be OK with me as well. I can't see us getting one of the top 4 or 5 QB's and after the first 3 you aren't getting value in the draft.

3. In the draft I want an impact speed guy at 15 (Parsons or Rousseau) in the second I want a WR (there should be a few great prospects in the 2nd). If Mond is available in the 3rd I'd be OK with that pick After that I just want to see speed and more speed.


On the Game Day Roster
Draft Mac Jones or Trey Lance.

Upgrade the front seven via free agency and the draft which makes the defense elite again.

Find a number one WR and TE who can prevent teams from stacking the box against the run game.


I'm getting my res at Dorsia Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Kyle Juszczyk
Didn't know he was a FA. He's an awesome/versatile FB and wouldn't shock me if Bill pursued him after he went after Richie Anderson and eventually signed Larry Centers back in the day. However, he would not come cheap. Lol at Anderson choosing to go to Dallas over the Pats one year removed from a Super Bowl victory (2003 off season). Pats won two more.

With that being said, I say sign the beast!


TB12 Supporter
A Front 7 who consistently stop the run, fashion a reliable and destructive pass rush and playmakers at WR/TE.


Veteran Starter in need of Fall Guy Supporter
- draft Mac Jones
- trade for Jimmy G or Marcus M
- sign Hunter Henry
- sign Curtis Samuels
- sign Malcolm Brown
- sign KVN
- resign Andrews
- resign Guy
- resign Butler
- resign Wise
- draft NT, DE, LB, WR, WR, WR

Chevy Supporter Supporter
1-16, win over Bucs, number 1 pick in the draft... 2022 hard knocks featuring the New England Patriots

The Hard Knocks meeting announcing to the staff that the Patriots have added their name to list will go from excitement -

"New England? Belichick? They're going to let us in during the most high-profile rebuilding year ever?"

to caution -

"I don't know, guys. The players and coaches always toe that Patriot Way line. We're not going to see a lot of personality here."

to reality -

"Hey, what's in that banker box on the table? What? It's a printout of Belichick's list of off-limits areas, players, topics, and allowed filming times? And a request from Kraft to get some good sideline shots during joint practices? Ok - who else is on the list?"

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
If the WRs are at least respectable and they make a move for a solid vet TE, I can see an "Inside the 5" package featuring Cam and Harris being nasty... I kind of want them to pursue Kyle Juszczyk since I don't think teams will be spending big on FB this year... but it's low on the priority list
Alternative: draft Ben Mason of Michigan.


In the Starting Line-Up
• Land a DT in the draft (Maybe Barmore in the 1st or McNeil in the 2nd?) and have it be a direct bullseye pick out of the gates. A player who will be a cornerstone on the IDL for 8+ years; re-sign Guy as well.
• Acquire a “pin your ears back and go” type of DE/EDGE at a reasonable cost, who is a freak athlete that can be used on obvious passing downs and be consistently successful. Assume the defense picks up the slack elsewhere with responsibilities when they’re on the field. None of this Simon or Wise bullsh*t playing the role of pseudo pass rushers.
• Wynn being the iron man for the year and not missing a snap.
• Andrews re-signing for no more than 6 million AAV.
• Moving on from Gilmore and getting a great return. Being able to land another stud in the 7th or UDFA for the long term at CB, while also acquiring a “prove it” guy who plays out of their mind. Simultaneously replacing the declining J-Mac as well.
• Having a TE on the roster who gets 50+ catches on the year. This is probably the biggest ask apparently.
• Win the Super Bowl


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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
resign Guy and Calhoun
sign Shelby Harris
sign Casey
sign a 5 t run stopper DE
draft a NT

sign Samuel/Jones
sign a vet TE aka Smith
draft a QB
sign a vet C if Andrews ask for too much
draft IOL Backup
draft a mid-late rd. WR
sign cheap vet WR for competition


Hall of Fame Poster
I tried to come up with one but they have too much work to do to be a championship caliber team this season. Patience will be a key factor in rebuilding to that level, reaching for draft picks and making desperate trades is what keeps teams wallowing in mediocrity for years. So for now I would:

1) Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 2 year deal.

2) Trade down from #15 unless Parsons, Pitts, or a QB they really believe will be a franchise QB for years to come is on the board when they are picking.

3) Focus on defense in the draft, and be aggressive after the 1st round in packaging picks to move up for defensive prospects they really like..

4) Don’t waste $ and cap space on WR’s in free agency, sign Leonard Williams and Butler and Guy, then focus on picking up valuable players who are going to be released by teams that are in trouble because of the reduced cap. But don’t overpay to keep their own free agents, replace them with valued players who get released by cap strapped teams.

5) Clear more cap space by releasing players like Cannon and Bolden who won’t be around when they are real contenders in a couple of seasons from now.

6) Keep players like Gilmore, who may not re-sign here, but who would create big dead money by moving them ( 9 million in Gilmore’s case).

7) Don’t trade players just to get rid of them, keep players like Hightower unless they get what they are actually worth, and that would be a 1st in Hightower’s case. Let them play out their deals and take the comp picks for them. It doesn’t make sense to trade a guy like Hightower for a 2nd or 3rd round pick when they would get a 3rd or a 4th for them simply by letting them play out their contracts.

8) Be smart and patient. They need to build a much faster and more athletic team than they have right now. They can do this using every option but only if they don’t waste resources making desperation moves. Everyone wants them to get back to the top as soon as possible, but you don’t get there by making stupid desperate moves, like signing free agent WR’s for 20 million a season when you don’t have a good QB.


In the Starting Line-Up
BB builds a time machine and sorts out the last 5 drafts so the Pats don't have a dearth of talent and Brady is here.

BB (since he love love loves Cam so much) goes back in time and brings back the Cam from 5 years ago.

Basically, all my dream scenarios for 2021 involve a time machine.

goheels22002 Supporter Supporter
1. Draft Nose Tackle at 15, re-sign Guy and Wise
2. Re-sign Van Noye to pair with return of Hightower from opt-out
3. Sign Mitch Trubisky, hold onto Stidham at #3
4. Re-sign K Nick Folk
5. Make a credible offer to Butler, but be prepared to watch him leave
6. Sign FA TE Tyler Eifert
7. Draft CB, OG, WR with 2nd and the two 4th rounders in whatever order makes sense depending who is still on the board
8. Sign FA WR Rashard Higgins
9. Re-sign Burkhead

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
6) Keep players like Gilmore, who may not re-sign here, but who would create big dead money by moving them ( 9 million in Gilmore’s case).
That's not the right way to look at it, at all. Gilmore's signing bonus proration is going to hit this year no matter what; it's the echoes of his past signing bonuses. The right questions are, is there a better way to spend the dollars he's owed this year, and can they get something in return that's worth giving up a year of his play on the field?

patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter

Miguel is spot on IMO. Curtis Samuel hasn't turned 25 yet & led the league with a 79.4% catch rate on 95 targets. He's an obvious breakout candidate on a second contract similar to Emmanuel Sanders leaving the Steelers.

As for Davis, he entered the league as a top 5 pick & had his breakout season last year. He was 5th in the league in yards per route run & 6th in the league when passer rating when targeted. I'm surprised he isn't higher for some. He's arguably the top available X WR.

These two WRs or someone similar (Will Fuller for speed, Tim Patrick for X) would complement Meyers well as the chain mover. He was only one of a handful WRs with 12 YPR & a 70% catch rate. He could really do damage as a third option.

Besides wanting the team to draft a QB, signing two WRs would be ideal. The pats could have three WRs entering their prime & under contract longterm with an aggressive attitude in FA. They also wouldn't have to worry about the position in the draft. That's a plus.