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With FA looming, how do you *want* the Pats to use their first draft pick?

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Oct 1st


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How do you want the Patriots to use their first-round draft pick?

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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I want them to sign Donavan Smith to play LT and draft a LT to develop. Trade a third and Borne for Hopkins

But if neither takes place

A. OT- Paris or Broderick
B. wr- Ngaba
c. cb Gonsalves or Witherspoon


Pro Bowl Player
Let Meyers walk. Sign McCary or Smith in FA
Draft WR (JSN or Flowers) in the 1st
Draft CB (Stevenson or Turner) in the 2nd

ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
By the way, I picked these positions since they're the ones I see most often in mocks.


In the Starting Line-Up
I want them to sign Donavan Smith to play LT and draft a LT to develop. Trade a third and Borne for Hopkins

But if neither takes place

A. OT- Paris or Broderick
B. wr- Ngaba
c. cb Gonsalves or Witherspoon
LOL. Those are two first team All-Pro name butchers.

Njigba and Gonzalez
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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
OT first round and then take advantage of the very deep corner group to get a good corner in the 2nd. If we can get a FA WR and OT too and sort the Dmac situation then i think that would be a successful off season


In the Starting Line-Up
Many say OT, I think that is the safe choice since BB sucks at drafting WRs.
He did have few misses with OT, but not as awful as WR.

Our receiving corp hasn’t been good at all, and I doubt it will get any better.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Want? Pipe dream is trade down in the first and still grab the WR they like the most, then grab a steal of an OT and CB in the 2nd from the haul they got after trading down. All 3 picks end up in the Pats ring of fame.

Putting down the pipe, what I really want is NOT an interior o-lineman or RB. Also don't want a safety but could get talked into it I guess. Just about everything else is on the table as a solid option for me.

patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter
The pats are a #1 CB away from having arguably the best defense in the NFL. There are OTs available in FA & the pats having money to spend. Sign one.

potential dime defense:



Pick #14 (Porter Jr.)
Ja. Jones
M, Jones (slot)


I think they are going with Brown & a FA as their starters with a day 2 OT as their swing tackle. Any of the 3 CBs will be the best player available at #14 IMO.


In the Starting Line-Up
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
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voted for OT but depends on free agency and BPA
if we sign for example a top tier FA at OT and brown stays then i would vote for CB
if we sign bradberry i would vote for OT
in general BPA is in our situation the correct strategy with BPA being preferable OT CB LB DE WR

patfanken Supporter Supporter
I picked CB. It was an easy choice, IMHO. We have the greatest need at CB. There are a plethora of potential elite CB's with good size that will be available at #14 or even below.

The problem with OT is that there are one maybe 2 elite OT's in this draft worthy of the 14th pick and they will likely go higher. The guys likely to be there at 14 are going to be good, but on the "next level" of picks and could be lumped into a group of guys who will likely be there at #46. So going with the CB will likely bring the best value to the team

BUT until we see what the team does in FA over the 5 weeks before the draft, we cannot guess what will happen in the draft. IF we add a Jalen Ramsey, then an early CB goes off the table. IF we add a OT then it will be likely we don't go there in the first. This would be a great thread a month from now, but right now its kind of premature.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I want one of the top 3 tackles or corners at 14
Johnson Jr.

Porter Jr.

If none of them are available I'd trade back in the first pick up an extra asset and add the best receiver available.

Water Boy

In the Starting Line-Up
OT is biggest need, but if we pick at 14, whoever it is better be a blue chipper.

I think we need to take WR JSN or CB Gonzalez ahead of any tackles that might be on the board at that point.

Mike Renner is comping JSN to Edleman. Definitely what our offense needs.

jays52 Supporter Supporter
Corner, simply because the caliber of player is superior. If somehow Witherspoon is available or they manage to get him I will do backflips. He's my favorite player to come out in a few years. If he was taller people would be comparing him to Sauce Gardner and he plays with the type of reckless violence that reminds me of Rodney Harrison.

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