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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Rams @ Seahawks

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If this Rams D can somehow manage to shut down the Seahawks for most of the game, the Rams have a chance. You should be able to get yourself some points simply by creative play designs and good risk taking.

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Wilson always looks great against the Pats. Never against this Rams team. Wow
Never mind...
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Considering the Rams D this could have been it for the Seahawks. Although never count out Russell Wilson early.

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While I can’t argue, I have to say : when clicking, the LAR D is something to behold.
I think so many fans have become so acclimated to high scoring games so if any type of a defensive game happens it's labelled "boring"


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a rams upset could mean TB-NO next week...
It could also mean the Bucs host a game next week, something no Wild Card team has done since the expansion to 32 teams. Unfortunately, that possibility remains remote as the Bears would need to win (plus, of course, TB would have to win).


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Imagine the heat a 43 year old Brady would get for ****ting the bed like wilson. That’s how you know how great he is