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Who Saw Patriots at: Nickerson Field - Harvard - Schaefer/Sullivan Stadium.

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Any forum members here who saw them play there ... I know we had some back @1999-2000.

I suppose we can include Shaefer / Sullivan Stadium in there - any season ticket holders from Shaefer/Sullivan Stadium.

Stand up and be known ... Fenway Park? Alumni Stadium?

My first game was in 1972 vs the Dolphins - froze my skinny ass off on the aluminum bench.
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Only on tv. Only time I’ve been to Massachusetts was 97 went to Salem, went on up to Maine looking at all the historical sites in that area

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My dad took me to see the Pats at Nickerson field in 1960. I later saw them at Harvard Stadium, but I can't remember the year I think it was around 1970. Never saw them at Fenway or BC.

BTW- years later I saw Kurt Warner when he was the QB at Northern Iowa play BU in the 1AA playoffs. A thrilling double overtime win for BU. I don't think Kurt ever forgave Boston. ;)

And now that I think about it I saw Janis Joplin the summer before at Harvard Stadium. It wasn't as exclusive back then
I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic, so I've only ever been to one game in person, at Sullivan Stadium.
Green Bay in 1985, start of the run to Super Bowl XX. Won 26-20, Eason at QB, Craig James and Mosi Tatupu in the backfield. Loved seeing my hero, Andre Tippett - checking the stats, he got three sacks that day!


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Saw the Pats defeat the Dolphins 34-0 at Schaefer Stadium in 1980. Grogan vs the immortal David Woodley :)

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I was one of the Dad took me to the first ever Pats game VS Broncos at old BU Field (Nickerson), i was 8 years old!!

He also bought season tickets in the 60’s, twice to Fenway Park, once at Harvard and we also attended games at BC.

Finally, he bought tickets from day one at Sullivan Stadium and we’ve had these seats in the family since then (transferred to my name in the 80’s!!!

So, i have seen the Patriots play a home game in every venue except one - that would be the one home game they played in Birmingham, Al (This was before Sullivan Stadium when we almost lost the club totally from the area, due to stadium issues, Boston would just never see their way to build stadium in Boston).


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in 1981 I sat in Schaefer and watched the Pats lose to the Baltimore Colts.

I remember getting a sunburn, first game of the year. great seats were NO problem in those days... lol

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Unfortunately, was always preoccupied with work(always worked Sundays) and family, during those days and no one I hung around with went to games.. but still followed them religiously with my walkman radio.

Going to an NFL game was something that was not part of my reality, unfortunately.. it is on the list of regrets though.


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Schaefer 1976 with Raiders , Patriots won 48-17, Raiders only loss that season . won SB .


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Started following the team in 74 but didn't make it to the Stadium until 1984. That was a BC Eagles game against Syracuse. It was the game before "The Pass" against Miami and Bernie Kosar the following week.


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Saw a game at Fenway Park sitting in the centerfield bleachers !!
But the most unique place was seeing the 1963 Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills (and Cookie Gilchrist) that took place in Buffalo was at a closed circuit showing (no TV of the game) at the old Ridge Arena in Braintree. They had placed a screen at center ice and the stands were packed. Everyone cheered as and went crazy as they beat the vaunted Bills !! (then lost in the Championship to San Diego 51-10 in the championship game.


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I know I saw games in Schaefer as early as the Plunkett years, though I don't really have much of a memory of them.

I remember being at a game where Clayborn ran a punt back for a TD, I think.

My first really firm Schaefer memory was the Bills game in 1978 when they clinched their first AFCE title ever.

And I was at the Snowplow game.


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I saw Vinny Testaverde beat Drew Bledsoe in 2000 at Sullivan Stadium...

...but my first visit there was in 1977, against Buffalo, when it was Schaefer Stadium.

OJ was out injured... so my dad (God rest his soul) and I figured the Pats would crush them.

Except that my favorite player Steve Grogan threw 4 picks...

And OJ's backup Roland Hooks rushed for 155 yards. LOL

Pats lost 24-14. We still had a blast. Thanks, Dad! :)

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As I've mentioned here before, my dad took me to the inaugural game at BU in September of 1960. I was just a kid still in elementary school. Before that, I was a casual NFL fan with no particular team affiliation, although I was surrounded by Giant fans as they were the most popular football team in NE. I was a rabid Red Sox and Celtics fan, but my experience at that first Boston Patriots game ignited something in me that nearly immediately put them on the same level with the Sox and Cs. It's been a 58 year love affair that for most of the first 40 was far more agony than ecstasy and for the past 18 it's been the reverse.


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Saw them play the Redskins, the Niners, the Dolphins and the Colts there, late 70's early 80's ish.


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Saw the Oilers come to town in 1991. Hell of a game and we actually won! I remember it being kinda cool for a September day...but I was also coming from Virginia so there's that.
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