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What They're Saying: "Not a Great Week" for Braxton Berrios

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Sep 12th

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What They're Saying: "Not a Great Week" for Braxton Berrios

Ian Logue

With one week of camp in the books, here's a quick rundown of all the media reports for Patriots receiver Braxton Berrios, who has had an uneven first week during the team's start of training camp.

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I initially had him making it as a dark horse candidate. Now that goes to Meyers.


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Not looking good for him. No separation and Brady is getting frustrated.

Take it with a grain of salt that Brady is frustrated with Berrios. He could just be frustrated that their timing is off.

Really wish Brady had done the California Passing Camp with the receivers like he's done before.


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Still close to an entire month of practices and 4 preseason games remaining to evaluate. Hes had good practices and not-so-good ones.

If he kicks ass in the punting and kicking games it changes the entire evaluation.

Way too premature, IMO.


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Can somebody be taken with the 210th pick and Still be over-drafted?

Yes...yes he can.

I thought he was a decent pick the day he was drafted. Since the moment he stepped on an NFL practice field, however, it's been clear he doesn't belong.

I wish him the best and would be happy if the switch flipped but I don't think there is a switch.
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