Weird Stat - Brady's record in games with >=3 INTs: Reg Season = 0-9 / Playoffs = 3-1

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Is this a negative or a positive (or a fluke)? Because Brady only having 9 of these games -- out of 301 in the reg season -- really makes the 4 times it happened, in just 43 postseason games, look pretty awful. Not to mention, the regular season games happened earlier in Brady's career; where-as playoffs were pretty balanced. However, it's quite an accomplishment that he can overcome it when it matters most, when he normally cannot.


(today's playoff game is missing in screenshot)


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Wow, is that really every single game he's even thrown 3+ INT in? Super impressive for the list to be that short. Literally only 1 in the entire 2010s decade (2 counting the one from the 2009 season in the playoffs).


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Just heard that everyone else has a W-L of 17-109 w/ 3+ INTs in the playoffs

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His luck might run out if he does it again in the SB.

Then again, the only time he threw a pick in the SB and lost was SB 46. He threw one in SBs 38, 51 (a pick six) and 53 and won, threw two in SB 49 and won.

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What helped in the GB game is that every single INT was basically a punt.

Just watched some highlights again and recall GB had a gift INT that they dropped at the end of the first half too. I bet they wish they had that back.


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Some of it is defense helping him out, and some of it is circumstantial (throwing picks after having moved downfield and burned clock ends up essentially being a punt, which is less impactful than throwing it on the other side of the field like Roethlisberger did in that Browns game).