Voluntary workouts??

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So, this question isn't about TB12, but I will admit I wouldn't have clicked the link if story was about another non-NE qb.

<URL>Tom Brady leads private workout with Buccaneers players at closed prep school in Tampa</URL>

I'm just wondering where the nyjfl will set the limits on these "voluntary" workouts?
-when the goat calls his WRs and TEs and C, which one says no?
-when said qb says pre-signing that he wants a role in play calling/design; is he even more so considered a partial mgmt/coach?
-when /how often meeting do these voluntarily start to count as OTAs?

I'm also sure if TB was still here, this story would have a few more questions or comments in my direction. The Patriots/Aints would not get a 'oh this just happened, isn't that nice' story, but rather look at them skirting the rules again story.


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NFL would have docked us a first round pick and demanded someone in the organization be handed over for execution had this been spearheaded on this team
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