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Very sad news: RIP Joker

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Oct 8th

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
There were 2 posters on here that always had me laughing. One has been gone for a while it seems (he had the crazy Irish guy from the movie Braveheart as his avatar) and the other was Joker. As many have said a response or a like from Joker was like a badge of honour.

I remember in one of the music forms he posted about seeing and I believe hanging with Aerosmith back in the days when they were just a Boston club band. He was a true character who seemed to live a real interesting life.
Off the grid is who your thinking of.


Just Another Guy Supporter
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I hear what you're saying. But he basically came into any thread and essentially demolished whatever argument there was and didn't care what anyone thought. So it felt like it made sense to use that one. Although, @maust, I agree on the ugh - just didn't seem like the right one and we don't really have one that reaches the level t hat it would have made sense to use it for.

The Joker Memorial Emoji, requires no explanation. Left to its own device it would mean different things to different folks anyway. He was just far more likely to say "WTF is wrong with you?" or "You get into fnord's stash or something?" than "Winner"

...just my 2¢


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He wasn't much of a drinker, I never saw him seek it out. My sense is he had reason to avoid it. But I will add that the times we were together he was behind the wheel before and after.
He said one time that he was an alcoholic. Quit it for decades then had a Coors Light or something on a boat with a friend when he was out fishing and it was the best beer he’d ever had. I believe he also had a coke problem when he was younger, as well.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
I am gutted.

Joker and I never met IRL, but I considered him a real-life friend. And we had each others backs on this board more than a few times. We almost got together… and then didn’t. I regret that. It’s not going to sound like much, but my son is at a concert tonight at The Strand, where Joker used to bounce (probably before I was born). He was close to my dad’s age and we knew a lot of the same old haunts in Providence. I have to imagine that we crossed paths and didn’t even know it.

Farewell, my friend. I hope that there is good music and delis where you are now.

@Tunescribe , thank you for the wonderful write up of your friend.
I believe I've crossed paths with him many times back in the 80s but never actually met. He was a fan from way back and a diehard. Gonna miss his posts.

Boomer B

In the Starting Line-Up
He said one time that he was an alcoholic. Quit it for decades then had a Coors Light or something on a boat with a friend when he was out fishing and it was the best beer he’d ever had. I believe he also had a coke problem when he was younger, as well.
Ya, I recall him mentioning he liked to party when he was young. When it came to Goodell and the Jets he’d go off the rails. Imagine if he was still doing rails. Goodell would have been in some real trouble

1960Pats Supporter Supporter
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All the talk of Joker's disdain for Goondell and the Jets reminds me of when I first came here in 2012 and corresponded with him. I was an AOLe during Dynasty I and had been arguing about Goondell to Jet fans. When I came upon my first Joker post here I could see that he was also hot on the trail of the former Jet employee, so I mentioned to him that I had been looking into his history on Wikipedia. And while I was doing that, Goondell's bio claimed that he started with the Jets and moved on to the NYFL but then changed to NYFL-Jets-NYFL. In this respect we were on the same page and knew that Fraudger was a Jet.

I also noticed that Joker was an exceptional writer and I even asked him if he was a writer I remembered named Joe Kerr. He never answered that question and I never pursued him on it.

There was a college professor (USC?) named Leo Buscaglia who used to lecture about living for the moment and not putting off telling people how you feel. He was very powerful and I find myself thinking of him because it's how I feel now. I put one of his speeches below. It may be grainy but his message is crystal clear and fits like a glove for me. I regret not having reached out to Joker more and tried to meet him. It would have been easy for me to run down to Federal Hill and have lunch with him if he wanted, though I may have tried to persuade him to hit the North End instead.

He was simply the best.



Homer Little Supporter
Thanks a lot for the write up. Such sad news. My thoughts are with him and his family today.

I always looked forward to his off-color humor and levity he brought to posts, he never took anything too seriously. Except tearing down Goodell, and I always appreciated his passion for that.

Godspeed, Joker!


HoustonPatsFan Supporter
Murphy's is still going strong as a Patriots bar. I live in Northern Virginia and have gone there a few times, once taking a visiting friend and fellow
Pats fan from Massachusetts. He loved the place, a home away from home. Joker would have given it a thumbs up.
no kidding? I lived in Alexandria for a few years in the 1990s and occassionally went to Murphy's for a Pats game.

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