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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
We still have 3 weeks to the trade deadline. While CB or OT could be options, I wonder if RB is the highest priority right now?
It sounds crazy with how this roster looked wk1, but Bolden and JJ are not going to cut it at the 3rd down role.
And we have no idea on Harris' health going forward, let alone his new fumbling issue.

1. Trade for Rex. This move makes all the sense. HOU doesn't need him, he's coming off an ACL, Nick would deal cheaply.
Rex could immediately jump back in this offense, and help with the veteran stability and clutch playmaking, pass catching role.

2. Sign Duke Johnson. He's still young, similar skill set.
3. Sign Todd Gurley. Who knows, but if Harris is down for a while, he's not a game breaker anymore, but he's still solid.
4. Sign Chris Thompson. Another guy who has had success in this role, just released from 49ers PS.

Who else could be acquired via trade?


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I always thought it was odd that Patterson wasn't brought back after 2018. He was a good player.

Ras-IR Dowling

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No need to rush into any trade right now. We never know what injuries could pop up as the deadline nears.

As it currently stands I would put OT (regardless of yesterday’s performance) and a run stuffing DT ahead of RB.

Bobby T

I think there is a guy on the Rams that helped us win a super bowl awhile back….. then he was turned into a scapegoat for the teams failures. Maybe we can trade a sixth rounder for him?


In the Starting Line-Up
I think there is a guy on the Rams that helped us win a super bowl awhile back….. then he was turned into a scapegoat for the teams failures. Maybe we can trade a sixth rounder for him?
I definitely pick up what you're putting down. Should never have traded Sony.

What we're seeing right now with Harris is just how much easier it is to run when you have a rushing QB. The defense having to be aware of Newton's feet made it easier to find lanes for the RBs. Beecause we have a guy who's mostly a pocket passer now the run D is a little tighter and the backs are feeling it.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Great news about Harris! But with a chest injury going forward, it's going to be even more worrisome about his fumbles.

The easy thing is to bemoan the Sony trade as the culprit. While I doubted the move, and 100% saw this attrition coming, the truth is - Sony is not a serious answer either. Look at his rushing numbers in LA - where the top tier passing attack takes all the D attention - he's still averaging 3ypc. Sure, he would have been a good backup. But he's about the same as Stevenson, even after 3 years, he doesn't have the ceiling that Steve does. Problem is, no one could have predicted White going out for the year. No one can replace White (but Rex would be the closest thing to him in all the NFL)


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Don't get me wrong I would have kept Sony had I know we would be seeing Brandon Bolden taking meaningful snaps but people are acting like he's lighting it up in LA. He has 163 yards and is averaging 3.6 ypc. We should be able to find a guy off the street who can match that production.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
The only realistic option that would have an impact is Rex Burkhead in the receiving back role (James white)..anyone else that is a realistic target would just crowd the room.

I know we brought some semi known guys for workouts but I view those as emergency/shadow roster potentials. Had Harris been hurt badly ..then we likely grab one of those guys and stick him at the end of rotation.

The question becomes...does Rex significantly improve what Bolden is giving you currently. Answer is prob not by a whole is the move even worth it given you already have bodies in house?

As surprising as this may sound what this all does show us is that RB will continue to be a need next off season... With White likely gone, Bolden as well, Harris nearing the end of his deal and JJ Taylor not exactly lighting the world on fire... It could be an area we need to address.

Effective receiving backs are critical to this offense and James Whites impact was sorely missed. He was Macs #1 target early on. Bolden is doing as well as I expected him to do in that role as an emergency fill in but it def can be improved.