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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
in a sense all the better, since it SHOULD lower the price of acquiring him by a third (say a fifth with the return of a 6th or 7th round future pick from the Saints (24 or 25)

He will get a full TC before the suspension so when he comes back he WILL know enough to compete. He's an explosive, proven and only 27, who can help at MULTIPLE positions, and while the fact he'll likely be unavailable until mid October isn't ideal, but frankly I don't care. It's November and December and beyond, that I need THAT kind of player.

All that being said, I don't know much about the incident that will cause the suspension. If he's truly a BAD guy in the community or in the locker room, then I'm with you. But if this was just a one off incident and he takes responsibility and serves his punishment, then I'd be a buyer for him.

V, the team MISSED James White last year more than I and most of the rest of us knew,
Agree on missing White or a White-type. Kamara is a great player, and would no doubt help tremendously. I usually don't care much about what players do in their own time, but the dude he and his crew beat up was destroyed. It just gave me a bad vibe (a la you know who). Maybe it's nothing because admittedly I haven't looked too much into the details either.


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The only problem I have with this, is Kamara is far too valuable as a running back to limit him to a slot receiver. Although having him and Stevenson on the field at the same time is intriguing af.

Love Ramzyck though. That's a no-brainer.

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