Tony Steward gone, but not forgotten

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Oct 25th

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Is there anyway we can read too much into this? Maybe Brady is going to serve the suspension and they need an extra spot for another QB because Brissett is a bust?

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Once he killed that guy on the racetrack he was as good as gone.

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I'll never forget Tony Steward, but that is only because I never heard of him in the first place, and didn't know he was on the roster.

Sorry, that was insensitive, I'll try and do better.

Tony Steward is gone?

Nooooooooooo..... Sob!

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Patriots Fans I'm serious when I say Adam Seward was a better linebacker than Jamie Collins. Seward was a man among boys.


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Clearly everyone in here knew about that and they were just being insensitive pieces of ****. I hate it when people know about the deaths of the significant others of fringe players that most don't even know are on the team and proceed to make a joke about it. You all need Jesus.

I think you're a lot more mad than anyone else here.
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