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mgteich Veteran Supporter
Froholdt has the skills to start at LG...he would probably be average his first season there...which is good enough with Wynn and an improved Karras on either side...or Andrews at C.

Mason is a top 5 G in the NFL when healthy...he’s not going anywhere.

I’m more concerned about RT. Cannon’s level of play is declining due to age and injuries. Newhouse is the same age I believe and should only be a backup. Cajuste is probably not going to play much in 2020 with trying to recover from his quad situation.

We do need to extend Karras.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
I believe Thuney is rated as the Number 1 or 2 interior OL guy (there are several OTs who will get gobs of cash). along with Sherrif (sp?).

If the contracts get crazy for OL (they might not for guards), there might be a shot, but I doubt it. They could franchise him for just over 16m, but that's a helluva cap hit (undoable if Brady does come back, I think).

Froholdt is powerful and plays mean. Or maybe they find a tackle and kick Wynn inside. I doubt they're going to pay 2 guards huge money and Mason ain't going anywhere.

Hope he stays, doubt it strongly.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
For me, the bottom line is that this is a very normal situation, and a reasonable transition. We need to use midlevel draft choices for backups or potential future starters. We need to re-sign one of our 2019 starters (presumably Karras) And if Cannon goes, we'll use his cap money to sign someone else. The real cost is the cap money for Karras and a couple of draft picks.

OT: Wynn, Cannon (or replacement using his cap money)
backups: probably a free agent plus a draft choice to compete with Newhouse, Cunningham and Cajuste

OG: Froholdt, Mason
C: Andrews (or Karras)

G/C backups: Karras, draftee or two
Obviously, we might need a replacement if Karras won't sign
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