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Thoughts on the matchup tonight

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Welp ladies and gents, it’s game day and I have a few thoughts to get off my chest about this matchup.

If we see the same team from ever since the end of the bye week, might as well not play the game at all because we haven’t been competitive in any of those games except for the jaguars who are one of if not the worst team in football.

I think the one area where we should have an advantage is the coaching. In 2001 that team had zero expectations because they had a young qb after the starter went down and didn’t play particularly well early in the season. BB is great at making game plans to stop opposing offenses, he did it against the Steelers on the road, did it against Kurt Warner, marshall Faulk and the greatest show on turf.

I think the pressure isn’t so much on mac as it is the defense because let’s be real, Josh Allen pansed this defense in week 16. He made throw after throw after throw and our secondary looked slow and clueless. Mac has room to make a mistake and not play a perfect game if the defense bails him out. There have been multiple opportunities since the bye where we’ve been down and this defense simply could not make a play. For example, if Hightower doesn’t make that play on Matt Ryan in super bowl 51, we don’t win that game. There have been multiple opportunities where This team has been trailing and the defense couldn’t get a stop.

The bills in week 16 just completely dictated the terms of the game. If we had a Tom Brady maybe we could afford to have the defense play a bad game because the offense can pick up the slack. The fact of the matter is, mac is still a rookie and you can’t rely on him to match Josh Allen dinking and dunking on the field. So if the defense finds a way to slow this buffalo offense, we have a chance but if Josh Allen does what he did in week 16, we’re done for. The key is to slow the game down.

Finally it seems like For years whenever we would play the bills, they would make really stupid mistakes and we would take advantage of them and spank them. Unfortunately here recently buffalo has been the team who’s not making the mistakes and we’re doing the dumb things other teams used to do against us like penalties and costly turnovers.

Hopefully we play mistake free football

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Mistake free is what I am LOOKING for. I am OK with losing because of the talent difference....but please don't let us lose because of a stupid turnover or a drive killing holding penalty or a drive extending PI penalty...just play clean football...and be as physical as possible.
This team is good enough to beat any team if:

1. They get the lead
2. They win the turnover battle
3. They play disciplined mistake free football

They have not shown they can over come those 3 three things. Especially since the bye.
Of course these are things we have been used to seeing for 2 decades. We are so used to seeing the opponent implode.
It is quite surprising how "unspecial" our special teams are this year. (not including field goal kicking of course, I was more referring to the punt blocks by the other team)

Heres to an early pick from Josh Allen tonight!


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Yeah, I think if they play mistake free they have a shot. But I think it is going to be really tough.With all the injuries/covid issues in the back end of the D, it is going to be really hard. I hope I am wrong, but I think the Jill win this easily.

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This may be the first COLD weather game Mac has ever played.
Hopefully this doesn’t become a shoot out.
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