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The Timeline - Tuck Rule - This Thursday Night

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After the Patriots-Buccaneers, a new episode of The Timeline will premiere about the Tuck Rule. Based on this list of interviewees, what do you think the tone of this show will be:

Jon Gruden – Former Raiders head coach
Amy Trask – Former Raiders CEO
Ice Cube – Actor/Musician & Raiders fan
Tim Brown – Raiders Hall of Fame wide receiver
Mike Pereira – Former NFL Vice President of Officiating
Adam Vinatieri – Former Patriots kicker
Eric Allen – Former Raiders cornerback
Bill Belichick – Patriots head coach
Tom Brady – Patriots quarterback
Charles Woodson – Former Raiders cornerback
Lincoln Kennedy – Former Raiders offensive tackle

The Brady and Belichick interviews are from the archives, so we'll be treated to former Raiders complaining about about a call that didn't go their way fifteen years ago. Again.

It would be nice if the people putting this together could do something like that editing job that made John Harbaugh look ridiculous complaining after the 2014 divisional game. He said how no one ever saw an eligible receiver line up at the left tackle spot and then they immediately showed Alabama running that play. Have one of the Raiders claim the tuck rule was never called before and show the clip of the Patriots recovering Testaverde's fumble only to have it overturned because he was tucking the ball.

Back in January, when we hit the 15th anniversary and the story was re-hashed in the news, Matt Chatham sent out a great series of tweets on this topic. One of them was about something I never noticed: On Vinatieri's tying kick, the ball went right over the head of one of the Raiders near the center of the line who didn't even raise his hands. It was a low kick, so jumping and raising your arms might have made a difference. Not putting in that effort (Chatham had more examples of this) contributed more to the Raiders loss than a call not going their way.

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I imagine the spin will be just awful.

Its not that hard to understand, really. There was a rule on the books, the officials knew the rule, and they called it EXACTLY the way the rule was written.

Yes, in many regards it was a bad rule that sort of defied common sense. I didn't like it when it went against us earlier that year, on the Vinny Testaverde tuck rule call.

Officials, though, don't have the option to ignore the rules in favor of what might seem to them to make sense at the time.

It had been called many times before and was called many times after.

I'm fine with the rule eventually being refined such that it would not be called that way today. But that was the rule then, and nobody was screwed.


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Seems like alot more rep from the LA side. I feel this game and topic have been covered quite a few different ways. Meh might watch it.

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I would think this would be harder for Raiders fans to watch and digest as opposed to Pats fans.

After all, we're the one who won the title (and then some more).

I have no problem listening to Raiders people ponder "what could have been."


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Lots of Pats fans get mad about people trying to tear them down, but I just laugh. These people are fighting a rear-guard action against the march of history itself, a battle they've already lost and just don't know it yet.


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If we win, I'll watch this tonight, if we lose, I'll watch it some other time.

Eh, who am I kidding? We're winning this game!:D


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I had heard enough of Ice Cube's *****ing and complaining during the Celtics/Lakers documentary.

Seeing that will be amplified 10x, I'm all set.

They lost. We won. F them.

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So Gruden and every Raider says that they never heard of the tuck rule and that it came out of nowhere. So do they mention previous tuck rule calls, like the one on Vinny Testaverde earlier that year? No, they let what Gruden said go unchallenged.

edit... 30 minutes later they got around to it!
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Watching now...just seems to me like a lot of butt-hurt ex Raiders. Pats coming off pretty well so far and there aren't any implications that they didn't deserve the win by the documentary (except from bitter Raiders).


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We caught a break in 2001, even though the Jets benefited from the same call earlier in the year. But the call went our way in the most crucial of circumstances.

Having said that, I would think the O'hara blatant holding non call when he choked Seymour in SB42 balances out when 2007 should have finished 19-0.

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Glad I didn't watch it, I can just imagine the sale levels of it being deadly. Make a Brady/Bledsoe timeline and we'll talk. Or Timeline Deflategate: How To Create A Scandal
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