The Official Patriots at. Bills : GAME DAY THREAD 2015 Week 2 (9/20)

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Sep 27th

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Could have been a much, much more satisfying win especially after all the Buffalo trash talk, but hubris on offense and very suspect defense made the game much closer than it needed to be. Now I don't get to rub the win in the Buffalo Bills' fans as hard as I could have.:(.


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A win is a win, especially in the division. Happy with that, and happy with how well the OL showed up against what was supposed to be the best DL in the league.

The secondary, offensive playcalling, and edge-setting, unfortunately, left a ton to be desired. On to next week
Guys - it is the second week. Take the win, put it in your pocket and let's go... Let Rexy and his boys answer why they gave up 500 yards passing...


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This game was was far closer than it should have been. But the Pats were clearly the better team today by a wide margin.

This is why you run up the score.
The offense was constantly aggressive which I liked but the defense just fell apart.


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Nothing better than to break the hopes and dreams of Buffalo fans twice in one game... beautiful..
I dunno man, if I'm a Buffalo fan, then I feel pretty darn good about scoring 19 points in the 4th quarter. Could've been a comeback if not for the interception.

Pats really made this into a close game, when it didn't need to be. And I can't explain why they let it happen. I expect better out of our boys


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Well that went long.

Glad we won. A lot of good and bad things this game. I wonder how much of it was just a let down by the team late in the game though thinking the Bills would give up.

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Minor point: they need to decide if/when stat-seeking is a good idea.

Here's a hint: lock up the playoff spot, then go for the records/stats.


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Lol, come on guys, really? 8 sacks. Yeah, they fell asleep a bit. Otherwise defense looked good
I'm not talking about this game, I'm talking about them sucking period. You have to consider the opponent. Buffalo's offense is garbage. I have not been a fan of our defense, outside of last year, since 2009. QBs, who are willing to throw deep, destroys the secondary all the time. It's why I hate for us to face QBs like Flacco, Rodgers, Brees or Manning (before his arm went out). We are good in the red zone, but we are toast if opponents can score outside of the redzone.
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