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The Julio Jones Trade: Winning the Battle, Losing the War?

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Dec 6th

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Didn't realize that Mayo was an old fart too...I hope he's well wherever he is...And thanks BGC (and others too!) for picking up the flag for them.
Lol I really don't know for sure. Just heard he might be a little older so I'm spreading rumors lol. Hopefully he's still with us and will make an appearance.

I hope @manxman2601 is doing well health wise too. He might Mayor here.

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
I heartily concur with the OP.

I, for one, didn't need 3 or 4 Years to render a Verdict on that Trade.

I needed only time enough to recover my jaw from the floor.

Regardless of what the Browns did with their end of it, or what the Rams did with the Robert Griffin Heist, or what the RedSkins did with the Ricky Williams Heist, or of course what the CowBoys did with the Hershel Walker Heist, the Trades were monumental, towering Steals, and always will be.

The Moves made, subsequently, with the Pilfered Picks, are their own Wins or Fails.

That does not, in my opinion, change the fundamental Coup that these Teams all scored.

Conversely, every single Team that surrendered their Futures for Johny Gottahavm failed spectacularly the moment the Move was made. I have never been more besotted with a Split End than I was with Julio Jones, but I was almost speechless with amazement ~ almost ~ when that Trade was announced.

God Bless the short-sighted Idiocy of impatient men.
Oh brother where art thou?