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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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@Loyzelle802 what have you impression I was "worried"? I can't recall mentioning him recently

And I thought the pregame shows' desks were a little crowded ...

RT @GlobeChadFinn: Snowflake: The ninth word morons have added to their vocabulary.

RT @AdamSchefter: Former Jaguars HC Gus Bradley has agreed to become DC for then Los Angeles Chargers, per sources.

@michaelboldiga yea they will wait until Monday when all the media is in Foxboro

Chargers finalist for DC job that went to Gus Bradley was their DB coach Ron Milus. Had Bradley not opted for Chargers, Milus was their man.

Gus Bradley was big defensive coordinator domino multiple teams were waiting on. Now that he's a Charger, other teams will move quick.

Former Jaguars HC Gus Bradley has agreed to become DC for then Los Angeles Chargers, per sources.

RT @brianmacp: From Gillette Stadium: Julian Edelman can't be the only reliable receiver for Tom Brady on Sunday:

Sleeper if healthy. RT @FCS_STATS: .@Towson_FB RB Darius Victor forsakes the medical redshirt ...

Ouch! - When you're going bad....... #Bruins

RT @BruceFeldmanCFB: SOURCE: Kevin O’Connell expected to become the Washington Redskins new QB coach.. He was in the mix for college co-OC…

#Schmoltz . Can't stop laughing at that name

We don’t usually pick up hitchhikers.... but I’m gonna go with my instinct on this one

@nwilborn19 of course they are. why hide? their president tacitly supports their behavior. (big word, tacitly. maybe I'm uppity too 😁)

@nwilborn19 "smarter than everyone" that #dogavi for uppity??

RT @FBUNortheast: Excited to announce that @FBUcamp @melitefootball @FBUAllAmerican Alumni @kalelmullings, c/o 2020 has just been offered…

A compiliation of 'expert' picks for Sunday's AFC Championship Game:

@Haseotesfishing my personal politics are a mishmash so your assumption doesn't apply

The Heat LOSE! (Sorry Kontra)

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by Froob, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    Yeah, it's pretty much bandwagon hopping. But that's okay. Not like I've never hopped on a good bandwagon before. Hell, I did it this past year with the Seahawks.
  2. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    So we just supposed to be happy for our rivals?
  3. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    This is a straw man of the highest order, and a god awful one at that. No. You're not supposed to be happy for your rivals. Nor is that anywhere near the zip code of what I said. Be happy when your rivals lose. I sure as hell am and have been. But I'm not under the delusion that I'm not hopping on another team's bandwagon in those big games/series because my team couldn't get it done against said rival, even if it's just temporary.
  4. TonyTucker

    TonyTucker Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I've never felt the Heat were that good in the first place. The Spurs exposed them. It's really good for the league that the best team won and not just the best player. Now I'm looking forward to Bron Bron bailing out and trying to team up with more superstars like Love and Carmelo elsewhere.
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  5. VrabelJr

    VrabelJr Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The NBA Finals last year should have been over in Game 5 or Game 6 as well. The Heat, and the refs, pulled that one out of their asses.

    Congrats to the Spurs for getting the job done, and decisively at that.
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  6. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    I think there should be difference between jumping on a bandwagon to root against a rival and doing it just to follow winners. I am always going back to my home teams when it's all said and done a true bandwagon jumper will just hop to the next hot thing.
  7. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    I think there are varying degrees. The bandwagon jumper that you describe is the worst type of scum in sports. The one that I'm describing is when a fan of a rival team pushes all of their chips to the middle of the table to root for the team that the rival is playing in the championship. You're still hopping on that bandwagon, it's just for a short period of time.
  8. Patjew

    Patjew Supporter Supporter

    The Spurs are my second favorite team and the Heat are my 17 millionth favorite team, so this makes me all tingly in my boy parts. I stayed up later last night then on any Sunday I can remember just watching the ceremony. Watching Duncan with his kids got me a bit weepy in my eye parts.
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  9. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss The Butler did it Supporter

    Watched the last 3 min ( only 3 min i watched of the NBA playoffs) awesome to see lebron leave as a loser
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  10. DaBronxPats14

    DaBronxPats14 In the Starting Line-Up

    GO PATS, SPURS, Redwings, Phils!
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  11. lurker1965

    lurker1965 In the Starting Line-Up

    I do not care about basketball but Eli Manning had an interesting tweet. Did you know the other times the Heat lost ended with him hoisting the Lombardi. Almost makes me a Heat fan.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    The Heat won in 2006. Eli's probably drunk
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  13. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    You see.. I don't really know if that falls into the category of bandwagon fan. That's not jumping on that team's wagon for their success and popularity but mainly so they (let's use Seattle v. Denver in this case) destroy your hated rival. That's not bandwagoning imo. That's special circumstance. For instance, made up scenario, if I am rooting for the Raiders to beat the Jets in Week 17 so the Jets don't make the playoffs, does that make me a bandwagon fan for the Raiders?

    Both of these scenarios in the end have your team benefitting so technically I wouldn't call that bandwagoning.

    I hate always hated Miami since the Big 3, so I didn't care who made it out of the West I would just hope they beat Miami. I wouldn't get any satisfaction from SA winning, just the satisfaction of Miami losing. So I wouldn't call that bandwagoning.

    Bandwagoning, at it's worst, is all of the Denver Broncos fans who used to Colts fans. Or a random person throwing on a Russell Wilson jersey. Or any Yankee fan with absolutely no ties to the team or NY just simply liking them because of their prestige. Something of that nature.

    Miami has the biggest bandwagon fanbase but this is mainly because the league is player oriented so fans tend to follow a certain player (aka Lebron or Melo, etc..), which I don't do, so I cannot comprehend that. I could get the Cleveland LeBron fans following him to Miami but not the rest of the world.
  14. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    It says when the Heat lose though... so Eli is right...

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    The post I quoted said times plural so I assumed he was talking about both rings. Maybe it was just a typo
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2014
  16. JPsPats

    JPsPats Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    People love to hate Lebron... He is the only one that showed up for the heat in the finals.

    It takes a team to win and the fact that Cleveland provided him with trash lead to him leaving.

    Wades done and Miami had no bench which lead to blowouts even though Lebron was very efficient.

    Even if you don't like him you can't deny he puts in the effort to be great
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  17. 1960Pats

    1960Pats Supporter Supporter

    Tim Duncan has led the Spurs to the only 5 NBA titles they own.

    The difference between LeBron and Duncan, beside the fact that Lebron has 3 less titles, is that we won't hear Duncan flapping his gums about how many times he's won or is going to win. What a breath of fresh air it is to see a class leader like him win. I honestly don't know how anyone can root for LeBron James.

    And then there's Bill Russel, the greatest player of them all.
  18. 1960Pats

    1960Pats Supporter Supporter

    He let the fans of Cleveland dangle and then publicly humiliated them by the way he left.

    He mocked the fans who didn't like that by dumping on the fans again. Something about how he'll still wake up successful and the fans won't. The comment was so ridiculous that I can't even remember it exactly now.

    He also bragged about how many titles they were going to win. By the way, he was right when he said "not three."

    He also cried about fans not rooting for him and the Heat.

    He used to cry about calls all the time. Does he still do that?

    I don't know how anyone can like LeBron James.
  19. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    It's absolutely hopping on the bandwagon. You're doing it for a different reason than other bandwagon fans, but you're still doing it. Like I said, I've bandwagon'ed (if that's a word) quite a few teams over the years. Since 2009, I've hopped on the bandwagons of: '09 Saints, '10 Steelers (vs. the Jets), '10 Packers (vs. the Steelers), '12 49ers (vs. the Ravens), and '13 Seahawks (vs. the Broncos). Those were all short lived but I was on the bandwagon for those teams until their games were over and I derived happiness from watching them beat my team's rivals as well as disappointment when they lost (2012 49ers).

    You understand why anybody can root for LeBron because you're a Celtics fan and he suddenly made a habit of bitch slapping the Celtics in the playoffs after some early success against the guy. Look only as far as the personal lives between LeBron James and Michael Jordan to see some remarkable differences. One guy was a gambling degenerate scum bucket with a history of punching his teammates in the face and the other guy married his high school sweet heart and said he "loves watching his teammates be successful". I could go further on that, but your allegiance as far as your favorite basketball team goes may not be conducive to a productive conversation. Not saying that as a slight against you. It just is what it is. It would have been the same thing if I brought up Garnett possibly being a racist a few years ago and Paul Pierce being a huge drama queen.
  20. TonyTucker

    TonyTucker Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Yeah, bitch slapping the old slow dinosaur version of Paul Pierce. Even in 2010 when they were past their prime, they made LeBron quit in Cleveland and go team up with superstars.

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