Super Bowl 51...Did you know?

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I got nervous during the Falcons' last possession and was wondering why the Pats left so much time on the clock. Then it dawned on me that they did that in case the 2-pointer didn't work and they'd have time for an onside kick and winning FG.

One play during that last Falcons' drive that I keep thinking of was the play that Elandon Roberts made after falling down in the middle of the field. If he doesn't get up and catch the RB from behind that was probably a TD.


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At 28-3 I was in “if the Pats don’t score next I’m turning it off” mode. Didn’t sit down the rest of the game. Honestly didn’t think the win was really possible until Pats were down “only” 8.

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I think I posted this story before, but I was a diehard believer / dreamer, I kid you not, even at 28-3.

I was watching with my wife and my son, and of course nothing was going well. Atlanta scored to make it 28-3, mid-3rd Q. Our dogs were restless to go outside and my wife and son decided to take them for a walk.

My wife asked me to come with them, since, as she said, "it's obviously not their night!" I said something like "there's a lot of time left and I won't give up now. Not yet."

Their dog walk was a very long one, and as they came back in, the score was 28-20. The only thing that I was nervous about was making another 2 point conversion. I remember telling my wife that it was either going to be an overtime win or a 2 point loss, but the Patriots were about to score a TD.

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I never gave up hope. I watched the game from the perspective of watching the clock and calculating how many drives were left ie “if we score here and stop them we get the ball back down 2 scores with 7 minutes. We can score twice in 7 minutes”
But it wasn’t whether I was confident or not it was the excitement of watching them do it that was prevalent.

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I was reminiscing on YouTube watching super bowl 51 mic’d up. Then I started reading through the comments and saw a string where people posted “when they knew the Pats would win”.

I never had that feeling during that game. Maybe because I was sick as a dog, I don’t know.

What I do recall thinking is “Ok, maybe it’s not going to be embarrassing”. Then as events unfolded, I just became more amazed as great plays and luck seemed to be following a pre-determined script.

The best I can say is that my hope kept building.

I’m just wondering if Patsfans members had a point “they knew” and stopped being nervous. And if you did, at what point?
Only when JW scored the walkoff TD.

I've learned over the years, anything can happen.

Take nothing for granted.

Especially in the Super Bowl.


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I never had that feeling during that game. Maybe because I was sick as a dog, I don’t know.

I had food poisoning the day before. Sickest I have ever been in my life. Pats were getting crushed and I was so sick I didn't even care.

I knew they would win when White crossed the goal line for the last time. That was it.


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I’ve watched this game, from 28-3 to finish, probably 40 times.

Atlanta’s final drive at the end of regulation is one of the worst efforts in sports I have ever seen. It didn’t help that Ghost pinned them at like the 12 yard line, but Matt Ryan showed there that his balls are about 1/10th the size of Brady’s. I can’t find a YouTube video of it, but it was absolutely and utterly pathetic. They needed to go about 50 yards in 40 seconds. I’m not saying to throw risky deep passes. But Ryan looked like he was going to sht his pants and had complete fear in his eyes. He wobbled around nervously looked around like he had no idea what he was doing. They got like a 3-yard dump off to the right end, which would make it appear they are just killing the clock (so much for that “we’re always going to be aggressive excuse” later.) But then he’s hurrying everyone to the line in clear two minute mode. Then he was lucky Harmon didn’t stay in bounds on a prayer into triple coverage. I was quite confident that even if the Pats lost the coin toss, Ryan had been mentally destroyed.

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The only reason I was still watching at 28-3 is I believe you go down with the ship and don't abandon your team (like Marky-Mark and his funky bunch) when things aren't going well. We had a house full and one of my friends who was over kept saying, even at that score, "I think they're gonna win," and I kept thinking, "what are you smoking girl?" Couldn't believe it when they kept scoring, making stops, and scoring again! My stomach was in knots and I was shaking by the end of the game. Unreal. I knew they were going to win when they won the toss in OT.

My dad stormed out of my brother's house and went home when the Falcons went up 28-3. He turned the TV on about an hour later just to see "how much the Patriots had lost by." They were just tying up the game, so he saw the end, despite his fair weather fandom!


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Had a house full of family and friends who all, except for my youngest son, left at 28-3, each giving condolences about the Pats. Told my son I would watch to the end. He and I enjoyed the second half

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I was there...and could write a book about it...actually have thought of doing so.

21-3...halftime sucked after how much I spent...LOL.

28-3...wifey looks at me and asks if anyone has ever come back from something like that...and I tell her only Frank Reich and he had a whole half to do it.

28-9...we finally score and Ghost misses?!?!?! 19 points? Is that even possible? Still 3 scores.

28-12...the drunk guy next to me is pissed about not going for it...the guy on the other side says, "It makes it two scores" (shrugs)....

Hightower's strip sack...I start to think "maybe"...

28-18....gotta make the two pointer...

28-20....Julio's's's over...OMG what a catch...hats off to that man...

28-20...sack!....holding! OMFG!!!! Brady and the offense come back on the field.

28-20....that drive...I was just holding my wife hard and hoping for a shot.

28-26...still need the two pointer....

28-28...Atlanta does nothing....first freaking OT in SB history....OMG

28-28...Slater says we will take the ball! I think that's when I started to feel we were gonna win for sure...

34-28...It felt like we had reached the top of a mountain emotionally....but there was still the review....and some confusion....


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I watched the game at home and didnt have anyone over. The first half I watched the game on my new TV. Everything went wrong for the Pats.

I knew that I had to make halftime adjustments.

The second half I watched the game on my old TV. Everything basically went right for the Pats.

Every Pat's super bowl is exciting, but that game was the greatest super bowl comeback in NFL history.
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