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I know some people are sick of re-hashing this topic, so I figure the PS forum would be a good spot for this:

From Bleacher Report: The Truth About Spygate: Punishing Success and Promoting Parity

It's a lengthy article, but it summarizes the entire episode, as well as providing some historical NFL "scandals" (which may be good for the FRAMe site.)

I don't agree with the premise that the league punished the Patriots to preserve parity, but it's an interesting angle.

What really stood out to me was how poorly Goodell handled this situation from start to finish. I hope he handles himself better with something that's really important, like the CBA negotiations.

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Koma, thanks for this, both for general reading and for the possibility of hosting on the FRAMe site... now the "but"...

In a move that at the very least I should have shared with other activist FRAMe types, but regrettably didn't (sorry dudes,) I recently de-funded FRAMe, which had served its purpose. After a couple of years with very little need for more updates, I figured it was time to let it die.

Okay didn't mean to squash the thread... carry on
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