SI claims Steve Belichick is the Patriots next HC

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I absolutely do not believe this from SI and SI has come down in the world a lot, but all this is being claimed as coming from inside sources:

Josh McDaniels' name has not been linked to any of the current head-coaching vacancies. LaMonte would like to change that - especially because sources suggest to us that while McDaniels was once the heir to the Belichick throne in New England, Bill now wants his own son, Steve, to take over as head coach someday.

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Doubt he would take over next but could see it in his future. Probably after a stint elsewhere. There have always been coaching legacies in the NFL. Believe that was Norv Turners kid calling plays for Washington this weekend and McVay coaching the Rams to victory.


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I would not be shocked if Bill wants this. After all he has been allowed to hire them and then promote them repeatedly. This would be the logical conclusion.


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This isn't a report. This is part of the Fan-written segment of SI (FanNation), not anyone at SI. He's just parroting some suggestions we've already heard, which as we know, aren't necessarily accurate.
I was just going to say that - this is a FanNation site. It's just someone's take not a "report" like from say Peter King.

I'm sure Bill would like to see his son take over but that doesn't mean he will.