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Sep 12th

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Practice Squad Player
Never too early to start talking matchups and schedule.

Yahoo had an article touting all the great QB's Pats will face this year.
I couldn't disagree more. We'll face 3 guys that I think will cause us problems - Brady, Allen, Watson.
The rest our defense should be able to handle. A few of them - because of their overall offense will be tough - Titans, Browns, Colts.
But I'm not afraid of the QB's.

I expect our Defense to be exponentially better against the run than last year.
And presuming Gilmore stays, our pass D should also be much better - with such in improvement in front 7 personnel.
The D will have to carry us the first half of the season.

This team's success completely rides on Cam's productivity, because I don't think Mac will get a chance this year.
If any decent FA QB came here, this would be a 2nd/3rd round playoff team.
As is - if we get the best possible Cam - we could be 10-7