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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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RT @BadgerFootball: Good luck to Rob Wheelwright in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl tomorrow! Watch live on FS1. #OnWisconsin || #OnWisconsin https:…

RT @MarkDanielsPJ: Nick Caserio's fingerprints all over Patriots' run of success. My feature on Caserio's rise in New England…

RT @MikeSilvermanBB: Looks as if Tito and Theo weren't quite washed up when left Boston, Red Sox.

RT @steve_hewitt: Rick Porcello channeling his inner Bill Belichick when asked if he still thinks about his playoff loss:…

RT @EvanDrellich: Andrew Benintendi said he's up to 185 pounds. Said it's not easy for him to gain weight. Power, durability, all the usual…

RT @Super70sSports: Today in 1979, the Steelers beat the Cowboys in SB XIII. Seen the replay a thousand times & I still expect Jackie Smith…

@PrincipalMaines Thanks so much Kevin. So many fond memories of covering your games & MetroWest days. A note like this means so much.

RT @MarkDanielsPJ: Logan Ryan asked about not seeing many elite QBs this season: "I see a good quarterback everyday. No. 12"

@Awexome1 @FubarMMA Actually all of those events are quite important, especially with a new coaching regime. But you have a good day.

Thinking Out Loud: There’s nothing like playing No. 1 team in nation via @WEEI @1037WEEIFM @patscap @patsfans #pcbb

It's Clark Judge's "Judgment'' that the game's best QBs will attack each other tomorrow @

So proud of @kpadvocacy & the thousands of other women who have made it to DC for today's March.

Yeah. Watch wild card ray rice game against ravens

FYI - A Jerod Mayo equivalent deal w/ League Cap of $168M would have a value of $13.5M APY. H/T to @corryjoel

From @globejimmcbride, Chris Hogan made a deep impact on the Patriots this year

Nick Caserio's fingerprints all over Patriots' run of success. My feature on Caserio's rise in New England

As far as I know (AFAIK) E.J. Biggers' grievance has not been settled with the Patriots. If he wins, Pats may have to pay him $282,800.

RT @TylerDBrooke: Why does Kellyanne Conway look like the old New England Patriots logo?

@ESPNJoeyMac I don't believe them for a second...It's coming down, everyone knows it, maybe Monday when everyone is in Foxboro....

SBB's 8/10 PM session

Discussion in 'Patriots 2009 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by signbabybrady, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    Another hot one. Gonna make this quick got dinner plans.

    Crable looked much better this afternoon. Had one would be sack and didn't seem to be getting pushed around as bad.

    Hochstein brain stopped working at one point and had a false start after running a lap for another false start.

    Burgess seems to collapse the pocket pretty well. at one time he forced a quick throw from Brady that was like 50 yards but got picked by wheatly.

    Sanders and whilhite had nice deflections but dropped for push ups because they didn't pick it off (the chung push up thing is infectious).

    Chung got yelled at by BB but I couldn't tell what he did wrong.

    Tully had a would be sack.

    The offense won the 2 point drill though I dont know how Bodden didn't break it up he had his guy blanketed...the De thought it was out of bounds but they ran so it was ruled a TD. the banter between the O and De is pretty funny during this drill.

    guess it wasnt that quick.
  2. farn

    farn In the Starting Line-Up

    TBC... will we use you in the AFCCG this season ?
  3. Christopher_Price

    Christopher_Price Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Hey guys ... just piggybacking on SBB's excellent breakdown of Monday afternoon practice. A few more details here:

    It Is What It Is A few quick notes on Monday PM practice
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