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RIP John Madden

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I can’t find this anywhere on reputable stations

edit: it’s coming across now, sad news


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God bless you, John, for your years of coaching, broadcasting, gaming pioneering... and most of all, your unbridled enthusiasm for life, turducken, and all things football.

May the good Lord rest you and keep you, and may He comfort those who knew you, loved you, mourn you, and flat out enjoyed the hell out of you.


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Made watching football fun in his prime plus love the videogame.

Is he still the youngest HC to ever win a Superbowl, or did someone break that record ?


He was definitely one of the greats. To say what he said during that call in the first Super Bowl and then being man enough to admit he was wrong instead of backpeddling through it (when he said Brady should have taken a knee) shows you the type of pro he was. Brought a lot of terrific insight and made those games fun to watch. Was looking forward to his upcoming docuseries he was starting under his brand and am sad he won't be around to see it through :(

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I was never a big fan of his announcing, and he was coach of the hated Raiders. His best role was in the Lite Beer commercials in the 70's and early 80's. If you are too young to remember them, seek them out. Must be on Youtube.

What makes me mourn his passing the most would be Madden's dedication to Daryl Stingley after he was left paralyzed by the piece of garbage Tatum.

During the 3 months Stingley spent in a California hospital, John Madden was a daily visitor to Stingley. Madden was devastated by the injury and the human compassion he showed went above and beyond what would have been expected of an opposing coach. He and Stingley remained friends for the rest of their lives.

We can never truly know what type of person a stranger really is. Because of that, I rarely mourn the passing of a celebrity. However, given Madden's compassion and devotion to Stingley, I feel safe assuming Madden was a good man. RIP.


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He is to Football what Tommy Heinsohn was to the Celtics. Incredible loss to the football community.


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RIP Champ. Loved it when he said this in front of Goodell while promoting his H eads Up program for kids.


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Sad. Voice of my child hood football years. You knew when you heard him, especially in the playoffs you were watching the game of the weekend. Sad sad news.