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Rip David Patten

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- My condolences to the Patten family. Great player....

- Now that is 3 guys who have caught a TD from Brady who have passed away... Terry Glenn, Aaron Hernandez, and now David Patten. Am I forgetting anyone else?

- Patten lost to Kurt Warner's Iowa Barnstormers squad in the arena title game about 5 years before Superbowl XXXVI.....

- 3 passing, receiving, and rushing TD's @Indy...a few weeks after we blew them out in Foxboro during Brady's first start....

- The 2001 team, man.....what a season that was...20 years ago...

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For some reason I have a vivid memory of the play in Buffalo when he got knocked out on the sideline after a catch and dropped the ball for a fumble, only to have the ball ruled dead after the catch because it grazed off his leg.

RIP David.

That was an amazing game....Brady also got is helmet knocked off too.... I remember watching that game in a hotel room at Foxwoods...I was supposed to check out and go down to the casino, but was glued to the TV....and the maid comes in...and I tell her, "Go ahead and clean up"....LOL.


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Awful news about David. He was a good guy and a great Patriot Player.

I have friends who still ride. I rode for many years and what Kontradiction said is absolutely correct about riding a MC "while contending with horrible and distracted drivers". When I lived in Florida, we were always on alert for what we called "Blue Hairs" driving on two lane roads who never thought about looking before changing lanes. And of course, people texting and generally not paying attention while driving are a big problem for everyone.

After about 60,000 miles of riding a motorcycle, I decided to quit while I was ahead and sold my last bike a couple of years ago.

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Wow that sucks.

So many memories from him. Will always be remembered as one of the few players in history to have a passing, rushing, and receiving TD each in a single game. And he may be the only player in history to recover a fumble while unconscious on the field.

RIP David.

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Don't forget his performance in the first PO game of the '01 SB run - and the final game ever at Schaefer Stadium - the Snow Bowl...Incredible during the 2nd half, especially under those conditions...

I hope he felt as little pain as possible...RIP David, and thanks.

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Really sad news, he was one of the original patriot type players. A low rnd player that worked hard to make himself and excellent reciever. RIP David Patten, and condolences to his family and friends.