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Pregame Thread: Panthers at Pats

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Let's talk a bit about this one now that were just over 24 hours away. Personally I love this being our 3rd preseason game opponent. They do a lot of things well that the Pats traditionally have issues with. A Cam led team has played and beat the Pats twice.

Cam Newton is the type o QB that typically gives BB fits. Do they go back to sit back and make him pass to beat you or do they get after him? RBs who can catch has been another thing BB's D has big issues with. McCaffrey is about the best test one could ask for. Add in their ability to power run behind a very talented offensive line and it ha the makings of a team tailor made to give our D headaches. Of course that was then and this is now. How does the new D stack up?

On offense there are a lot of moving parts right now. How much will Edelman or DT play? Will Harry be out there? What will the OL look like together for the first time? Will we see Michel and if so how lonf? Will he pass catch and how well? Do we get clarity on the TE position. Where is LaCosse along on his recovery?

These questions will need to be answered against a unit that is not short on talent, particularly on the defensive front. Short, Addison, Poe and McCoy is one of the best DLs in the NFL. Add in guys like Shaq Thompson, Bruce Irvin and Luke Keuchy and this is a star studded front. Our OL will be tested for sure.

Their DBs are not the best in the world, even with Eric Reid back there. I would hope to see our WRs get something going vs a fairly lack luster DB core.

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Very good test. Should be an improved team all around. I have a future on Atl but think Carolina has just as good a shot to win that Div as No & Atl.

Like so mentioned they seemingly/hopefully improved all over.
Made some additions to the OL. Getting Samuel back who many dont know abt. Hes a little water bug out there that could be dangerous. Moore quietly had a good year. One of a few guys to have >700 yards by 21 yo I believe. Their offense could be fun to watch if healthy.

Their D could be very good. Like NE they're switching up a bit & incorporated a bit more 34 into their D as well. I mentioned their front 7 the other day but the whole defense has real potential. Apparently Burns is fitting in quite well. He'll definitely have something to say abt droy. They have a bunch of big versatile guys like Short, McCoy, Poe etc .. Adding Burns off the edge is exactly what they needed. They got Bruce Irvin too. I definitely expect them to be top 10 in sacks & was actually thinking abt taking them on a prop. Anyway the F7 will be nasty but how far the unit goes might be bc of the back end. Jackson had a vg rookie year last season but they aren't consistent, at times look a bit like us a few years ago when we we're putting our secondary together. Chemistry, communication wasn't there but they have so have talent & it's a brand new year.

Carolina always plays us tough it seems. Good game to watch & figure out where we're at so far.

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Cant find the link. How do we watch this game online out of market? Yahoo?


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Squash the scaredy fig.
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I don't want to see much Wino TBH. He got a lot of work just Saturday and I think holding back on his snaps would be a good idea. I would love to see more Cowart though.
Yea thats a good point. He'll clearly have a role in the defense.

As a rookie he needs all the looks/snaps and i'd like to see him vs 1st stringers. Once he has the right # of reps get him out of there.


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I'm gonna be at this one in person. Haven't gone since 2009 when I was a kid, anyone got any parking/general stadium tips? I really have no idea what I'm doing. Not used to the traffic of the Boston area.


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I want to see how our LB's handle Newton if he tries to run. I don't know if he will or not since it's the preseason.

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I have two tickets that I’m not going to use and I’m happy to give away free of charge. They are in section 310 way up high. Literally very close to where Ernie Adams sits to watch the game. An awesome perspective but far and high.

First come first serve for the next 40 minutes. After that I am hoping to pass out from a loooooooong day.

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Am I missing something? With McCaffrey?
Think more OL than RB but yea he's proven he can do it all. He was 6th last year "between the tackles" I believe w around 5 per clip.

Supposedly in great shape this year. Bigger, stronger, faster etc.

*Side Note*
Really hope they stay healthy bc Id love to watch Caff, Samuel & Moore together. Very unique trio.


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I'm gonna be at this one in person. Haven't gone since 2009 when I was a kid, anyone got any parking/general stadium tips? I really have no idea what I'm doing. Not used to the traffic of the Boston area.
Park in P2 next to the stadium. Try to not get buried deep in your row. Try and be close to the front that you entered your row so when you leave you are not behind numerous cars just to get to the exit lane.
Do not park across the street in the extremely large parking lot. That is a nightmare.
Gates open 4-4 1/2 hours before game time. The earlier the better for traffic.
Not sure where your seats are but once halftime is over the seats down low start to empty out. If you have young ones with you it is a good time to head down so they can get close.
As far as driving tips. Be aggressive as possible and flip the bird as much as you can.
Everyone will stay away from you this way Enjoy
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