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Predict the Score Contest, SB LIII NE vs LAR

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Post your predictions here for Super Bowl LIII, New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams.

This contest is open to everyone, it's both a weekly and a season-long contest. Stakes are bragging rights.

Each week I will tabulate and post the scores for the previous week's contest, as well as the cumulative season standings for those who have played every week. As a one-time allowance for computer problems, forgetfulness, or whatever, one week can be missed and will be assigned that week's average score.

Your score is the COMBINED deviation of your predicted score for the Pats and opponents REGARDLESS OF DIRECTION. For example, if you predict Patriots 34 Rams 21 your score is how many points off of 34 the Pats are (over or under does not matter) PLUS how many points off of 21 the Rams are (over or under again does not matter). Game winner does not matter. Lowest score wins.

You may change your prediction at any time before kickoff, either by editing your original post or by adding a new one. Predictions made in other threads don't count unless they were clearly meant for this contest but were posted elsewhere by mistake. Please keep this thread to predictions only, no back-and-forth discussion of the game. A short comment explaining your pick is OK.

Good luck!

Uncle Rico

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Patriots 33
Rams 27

Patriots have 33-17 lead with nine minutes left but go into their clock killing defense mode and give up ten points in the process. Last second pass from Roman Gabriel to Jack Snow is broken up, and New England exhales.


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The more I think about it the more I see this being a higher scoring game. I think the Pats OL is able to hold down the Rams now slightly overrated DL. Donald and Suh are both note worthy guys (to say the least) but Fowler and their other edge players don't worry me against our OTs. It will allow the Patriots to double/chip Donald and Suh. As for the Rams ability to defend our pass catching options, I don't see it. Particularly with White/Gronk. As for our running game it should be serviceable at the least, unless the Rams want to go heavy which would be a bad choice IMO.

The Pats D vs the Rams O is a harder match up to predict. They have a good offensive mind in their HC and he knows how we should be attacked. They have some serviceable TEs and Gurley who may or may not be ready to go. Pass catching RBs and TEs on our LBs is how they can win. Do the Pats decide to go light on D or do they dare put LBs out their TEs or RBs? I think BB decides to go light with 6 DBs a fair amount and see how it looks for certain downs more than usual. They will try to send pressure early and often and a fair amount will get home. The Rams can't get enough points with their WRs vs our CBs and they should know it. They will try to scheme it up and get a WR on a LB or a RB on a LB. McVay is very good at doing those things. I think BB will be ready at least with making sure a CB is always on a WR. As far as our LBs I think we simply put less on the field as much as possible. Van Noy for all his good play messed up too many times vs the KC RB and Gurley won't be any easier even if banged up. I could see a few blown assignments happening with our LBs.

All that being said it will be hard for the Rams to keep up if their WRs can't get a lot of yards or if their running game doesn't go off (like it did vs Dallas). I don't think the Pats let the Rams run them over or Cooks/Woods have monster games. The Pats won't play keep away from the Rams like they did with KC. Each team will get a good amount of drives. This will lead to some higher point totals than a slower more 'ground and pound' style. I see the Pats jumping on the Rams early and holding that lead until the end. In the last 5 minutes do the Rams tighten the game up again or do the Pats come up with a big play and blow it open?

The Rams have played 2 pretty clean post season games. The only turnover being a gift on a tipped pass by Gurley. Goff is due for a mistake of his own or two. The Pats are due for a true earned take away. They got one against Rivers but that was a late desperation pass. I think they could get one here early. Overall I just don't see the Pats losing back to back SBs when facing a team that is predictable. I'm pretty convinced this Rams D isn't all that good and the Pats will be able to get into the 30s like they have been recently with their offense. The only reason they don't is if the OL gets beaten. As for the Rams, can they out score us? I don't think so. While I believe their offense is good even without Kupp our defense won't let up 30 points again unless our offense helps them get there with some bad turnovers. I think we keep them contained.

Patriots 34 Rams 27. MVP? Gronk who gets 2 TDs and 125 yards. I'm not just saying that cause this may be his last game. The dude is in high spirits and healthy. I expect him to look the best he has all season with another 2 week break. He will get one TD on a 20-some yard pass and another near the goal line when the Rams sell out on the run (Brady won't make the same mistake twice) as well as a number of chunk plays vs their LBs.
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NE Patriots 27

St. Louis Rams 31

* The thought of Brady winning a 6th ring is almost incomprehensible.


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Would love a win with a two score margin and no last minute panics...

But will probably get lots of last minute panics...

35-34, Pats win.


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Pats OL is playing way too well right now to doubt them. In past years I would have gone the other way but in this game...Pats 28 Rams 24

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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Patriots 31
Beachcombers 30

102 Pat

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Patriots 43
Rams 24

My heart and head both feel like this will be a close first quarter and the Pats will pull away.
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