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Post Game Thread - Panthers @ Pats

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Tough loss for us, so much to review. Some questionable calls, poor execution and bad defense and now we're 2-2 heading for Tampa on Thursday.

Let's discuss


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And keep this thread bumped up. This season is over. Even if they make the playoffs they will lose. They're not winning the SB. The worst defense I've seen in years by the Pats. 2011 was better. This is embarrassing.

They're done. This is not 2014. No way in hell they beat Tampa either so 2-3.


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Gilmore and Boger crew. Jump off a cliff! Gilmore should have been more careful after the BS tacky call earlier in the game. Not to mention Gilmore being part of the blown coverage **** off! :rolleyes:

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Now I know what it feels like being a New Orleans Fans. O goes great but if we need to score 35 plus every game to win, more defeats are coming .

I am well aware that our D usually improves so I have hope, but when i watch a drive and know it isn't being stopped, I get depressed.


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The last 5 mins the pass rush was working. Not sure if anyone can find the analysis on it or work out why??

Once again Gilmore was poor. Butler was ok. Hightower played well.

In all honesty we didn't deserve to win again this week.

Without Brady we could be 1-3.


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I'm certainly not going to sit here and complain about the refs after watching the same nonsense for the fourth week in a row. The refs have less to do with the fact that Gilmore has no idea where to line up or who to cover on so many plays (STILL), Rowe can't make a fundamental tackle and Chung has seemingly regressed to not really being able to cover effectively again. Even DMac has been sub par. The D, IMHO, is a lot more culpable than anything the refs did. Were some of those calls questionable? Hell yes. But Carolina is a league worst offense. There's no reason why a BB coached D should not have been able to overcome a few of them.
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