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Patriots who played for the 9 gap years when they didn't win a Super Bowl (2005-2013)

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Pretty long article and interviews with past Patriots

‘Gap Years’ Patriots on the Brady-Belichick Super Bowl Drought

Because New England won six titles in an 18-season span, many forget about the nine-year “Super Bowl drought” in Foxboro. Those who were there didn't. Players from those teams weigh in on the Patriot Way, postseason disappointment, the Brady-Belichick ratio and the fact that everyone thinks they have a ring.

The conversation is a familiar and often uncomfortable one. Nearly identical versions can be recounted by star linebackers and backup offensive linemen alike; high-round draft picks and free agents who made a fleeting stopover in Foxboro; those who won a ring somewhere else and those who never would.

Anyone who had even the proverbial cup of coffee—Dunkin’ Donuts, to be sure—with the Patriots during Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s 20-year NFL marriage is almost certain to encounter the assumption that they, too, won one of the dynasty’s six Super Bowl titles. But for those who were there during the often-forgotten nine-year championship drought, responding to a well-meaning conversation starter about rings can be awkward ...

“I was supposed to have one.” Or, “I was one of those teams who got there but didn't quite get there.” Or, “Oh, no, I was on the ’07 team ... Then, all of the sudden, it gets real remorseful.”

The Patriots’ championship “drought” was shorter than others clubs’ postseason droughts, but it was long enough to constitute the tenures of countless stalwarts—like, for instance, Wes Welker, still the franchise’s all-time leader in receptions, or linebacker Adalius Thomas, who signed one of the richest free-agent deals of the Belichick era. Or Logan Mankins, an All-Pro in New England who Bill Belichick once called the best guard he’d ever coached, but whose Patriots tenure spanned, precisely, the nine-year gap: 2005–13.

“It actually bothers me,” says Ross Tucker, Mankins’s Patriots teammate from 2005 to ’06 (Mankins declined an interview request). “Think about the guys that were on injured reserve or practice squad on some of these other six [Patriots] teams who have Super Bowl rings, and Logan Mankins doesn’t. He started well over 100 games for them!”

There are 168 players who played in Foxboro only during the championship drought. We asked a dozen of them about the Patriot Way, postseason disappointment (David Tyree!), the Brady-Belichick ratio and, simply, life in the gap years.


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Mankins and Welker stand out. Rest......... not really.

And Mankins was horrible in both NY Giants Superbowls and a major reason we lost, so whatever. Welker dropped it in the clutch in the 2nd one, while others like Edelman, Amendola and Gronk (even Hogan) came through in the clutch when we needed and hence we have those Superbowls. At least Welker was great in the first one and got us back into the game. In that one it was Asante Samuels who let the game slip through his fingers.

Also Mankins sitting out half of 2010 is why he was traded at start of 2014, and he could have been here for the Seahawks win otherwise. I mean we gave him away for a 4th rounder.............

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Always amazes me how people think someone deserves something they didn’t earn.
A SB ring is an accomplishment not an award or recognition of talent.
A team either gets the job done or doesn’t. Mankind and Welker both have incidents where they were a big reason their teams fell short. If they had played there best games those days they gave rings.

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