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@BaconGrundleCandy - So, is Hansford the first curveball of the year for you in terms of players the Pats are looking at? Or was he just a casualty of you thinking others were better fit? What's your take on Hansford?
Yea I'm familiar. More of an udfa type though. I probably wouldn't touch him during the draft.

Plus instincts and anticipation. His IQ and eyes are really good. Physical and the attitude is there but play strength and speed stand up and not in a good way. I haven't seen any #'s on him for testing yet but he doesn't move particularly well enough for the next level imo. Just does enough in that department like handling IOL on the los, pullers etc Want to is there but he doesn't have the power or hands for


On the Roster
This article mentions "QB Coaches" from Houston & New England were on hand, not sure if that means Joe Judge himself but it's worth noting as Skyy Moore is getting a lot of the hype compared to his QB Kaleb Elerby who's projected as a 7th Rounder to PFA (Had 18 TD vs 2 INT in 2020, then threw for 3,300+ with 23/6 in 2021 including a win over Kenny Pickett and Pitt where he threw for 337 and 3 TD on the road).

"Quarterback coaches from Houston and New England were on hand to observe Eleby, who could become WMU’s first quarterback drafted into the NFL.

NFL Network analyst Lance Zierlein projects Eleby to be a priority undrafted free agent, while Pro Football Focus ranks him as the 252nd-best player available, which would put him in the seventh and final round.